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Searching in: Software Updates
ID: SU02S00218
Released on:  2021-02-03
Last update: 2021-02-03
NoMachine 7.1.3 now available for download

Luxembourg, February 3rd, 2021 - NoMachine makes available today a minor software update aimed at fixing some issues affecting the previous version. This version, 7.1.3, fixes the following:

TR01S10033 - Web sessions are no longer interactive when they are reconnected on the nodes
TR01S10009 - Users cannot connect to a child server when it's configured to disable storing the client credentials
TR01S10018 - Users cannot reconnect virtual desktops on the remote nodes (X11 vector graphics mode disabled)
TR01S10024 - The Connection Monitor on the Enterprise Terminal Server host doesn't clean its session data while terminating
TR12R09991 - Sessions don't start on the remote Linux host when the user's home is NFS mounted
TR12R09994 - Sessions limits are incorrectly counted in multi-host environments
TR12R09995 - Warning ' Cannot open: /usr/NX/etc/htd.cfg' is printed in logs of NoMachine free
TR12R10004 - 'WARNING! Cannot open: /var/NX/nx/.nx/config/client.crt' is issued after upgrading the Workstation to v. 7
TR01S10011 - PAM account validation fails when Kerberos tickets are obtained during PAM authentication
TR12R10003 - Connecting to the Windows physical desktop is not possible when the system account name contains non-latin characters
TR01S10016 - Upgrading the Enterprise Desktop on macOS from v. 6 to v. 7.0.211 is blocked when the license is part of a subscription pack
TR01S10042 - Connection to physical desktop is no longer available after uninstalling v. 6 and installing v. 7 on Linux
TR01S10008 - Copy paste from Windows client ends up with a NUL character with PyCharm
TR01S10010 - Graphical artifacts are displayed when using HW encoding by NVENC
TR01S10027 - It's not possible to create a new XDM virtual desktops with the "Query an X desktop manager" method
TR01S10032 - Incorrect mouse pointer offset when dragging the cursor in a macOS session
TR12R09993 - Python Tkinter window has no decorations when running as a NoMachine single application
TR12R09988 - NoMachine client crashes when scrolling with mouse wheel while session is starting
TR12R10001 - Clicking on title bar of inactive client window acts like a double click
TR01S10023 - The nxplayer program suddenly terminates on Raspberry Pi
TR12R10006 - List of machines doesn't show connections stored in a path using unicode characters
TR12R09992 - Error is 22: Invalid argument is issued when the user authenticates with private key
TR01S10025 - Kerberos authentication fails due to malformed token
TR12R09997 - USB forwarding is not available on macOS Big Sur (Intel processor)

Supported Platforms

Windows 32-bit/64-bit XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019

Mac OS X Intel 64-bit 10.7 to 10.11/macOS Intel 10.12 to 11.x

Linux 32-bit and 64-bit

RHEL 4 to RHEL 8
SLED 10 to SLED 15
SLES 10 to SLES 15
openSUSE 10.x to openSUSE 15.x
Mandriva 2009 to Mandriva 2011
Fedora 10 to Fedora 33
Debian 4.0 to Debian 10
Ubuntu 8.04 to Ubuntu 20.10

Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 ARMv6/ARMv7/ARMv8


Download NoMachine Packages

You can download the latest packages suitable for your Operating System from the NoMachine Web site at the following URL:

Customers with valid subscriptions should log in to their customer area and download the "Production version".

Automatic updates

The automatic check for updates is scheduled to check our repositories every two days.

To update the free NoMachine package:

  • - Open the NoMachine User Interface from your Programs Menu.
  • - From the Machines panel click on 'Settings', then on 'Server' and finally on 'Updates'.
  • - Then click on the 'Check now' button.

To update the NoMachine Enterprise Client immediately:

  • - Click on 'Settings', from the Player panel click 'Updates'.
  • - Then click on the 'Check now' button.

More information about the check for automatic updates is available here:

Manual package update

Please follow the instructions to update your installation manually:

On Windows:

  • - Download and save the EXE file.
  • - Double click on the NoMachine executable file.
  • - As for the installation, the Setup Wizard will take you through all steps necessary for updating NoMachine.

On macOS:

  • - Download and save the DMG file.
  • - Double-click on the Disk Image to open it and double-click on the NoMachine program icon.
  • - As for the installation, the Installer will take you through through all steps necessary for updating NoMachine.

On Linux:

You can use the graphical package manager provided by your Linux distribution or update NoMachine by command line by following instructions below. If you don't have the sudo utility installed, log on as superuser ("root") and run the commands without sudo.


  • - Download and save the RPM file.
  • - Update your NoMachine installation by running:
    • # rpm -Uvh <pkgName>_<pkgVersion>_<arch>.rpm


  • - Download and save the DEB file.
  • - Update your NoMachine installation by running:
    • $ sudo dpkg -i <pkgName>_<pkgVersion>_<arch>.deb


  • - Download and save the TAR.GZ file.
  • - Update your NoMachine installation by running:
    • $ cd /usr
    • $ sudo tar xvzf <pkgName>_<pkgVersion>_<arch>.tar.gz
    • $ sudo /usr/NX/nxserver --update
  • If you are installing Enterprise Client or Node run respectively:
    • $ sudo /usr/NX/nxclient --update
    • $ sudo /usr/NX/nxnode --update


Installation and configuration guides for the NoMachine products are available at:


The NoMachine Development Team