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Searching in: Software Updates
ID: SU05P00197
Released on:  2018-06-11
Last update: 2018-06-12
NoMachine for iOS and Android version 6.1.9 now available

Luxembourg, June 11th, 2018

NoMachine makes available an important update to its mobile app by launching the new native mobile interface for users connecting from iPhones and Android smartphones.

Originally only available for iPad and Android tablets, NoMachine 6.1.9 adds support for iPhones and Android smartphones by introducing a new GUI for small displays. Moreover, it aligns the NoMachine app with the desktop version for PC and Mac, and provides improvements to keyboard support.

This release includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

FR09L02828 - Offering a NoMachine client for Android smartphones
FR09L02827 - Offering a NoMachine client for iPhone

TR12L04740 - Keyboard is wrongly mapped when the session is connected from a mobile device
TR08O08032 - Single and double quotes no longer work after upgrading to iOS 11
TR05N06859 - Some shortcuts don't work when using a wireless keyboard on iOS 9.x
TR04N06804 - The 'enter' key doesn't work on some mobile device keyboards
TR11N07339 - The keyboard on iPad stops working in a NoMachine session
TR07N07009 - The virtual keyboard does not appear when the tablet is connected to some external devices
TR09N07231 - The Windows taskbar is inaccessible when the session is started from Chromebook
TR07N07085 - Wrong mouse position inside NoMachine sessions on Chromebook
TR06P08619 - NoMachine app for Android v. 5.0.63 could be exploited by altering environment variables


Supported Platforms

Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later

Compatible with Android 4.1 or later

Download NoMachine Packages

NoMachine for Android is available from the Play Store.

NoMachine for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store.


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