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ID: SU10K00101
Released on:  2013-09-25
Last update: 2013-09-25
NoMachine 4 Release Announcement

Luxembourg, September 25, 2013 - NoMachine, a leading provider of remote access and hosted desktop delivery solutions, today announced the official release of NoMachine version 4.

A complete line of products has been conceived to cover a wide range of remote computing scenarios on a number of platforms. The free remote desktop product, NoMachine, for individual use is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

For professionals and organizations, the new NoMachine for the Enterprise suite, which includes flagship product NoMachine Enterprise Server for large environments as well as a number of other products tailored for small/medium businesses, offers a comprehensive solution range to satisfy most remote desktop and application delivery needs.

The most relevant features of NoMachine 4 are:

- Seamless resource sharing and extended device redirection: connect disks, printers, USB devices and more from remote to locale and vice-versa.

- Built-in record & play: record activities inside the session or on the physical desktop, save them on your own PC and play back using NoMachine's own player.

- The Monitor application in the system tray: check who is connected to your desktop, transfer files between computers, and get fast-track access to the server settings user-interface.

- The Menu Panel: during the remote session, control display and audio settings, connect devices, print, initiate session recording and much more.

- The NX network service: connect sessions via SSL-encrypted NX protocol and take advantage of UDP multimedia communication for data streaming.

- Server failover and multinode support: federate Enterprise Desktops and Enterprise Nodes under Enterprise Server and create a cluster with a secondary passive server ready to replace the active one in case of failure.

- A portal for connections via the web: Portal Server gives access to multiple Enterprise Servers via the browser from a single URL.


Feature Requests Implemented

On the client side:

FR11D01545 - Offering a completely new GUI for connecting to desktops, the NoMachine GUI
FR09F02106 - Adding the menu panel, an utility toolbar to interact on the fly within the session
FR11J02758 - Administering NoMachine services with a graphical interface
FR08J02745 - Administering access to your PC through NoMachine
FR02G02185 - Allowing to choose the authentication method via the NoMachine GUI
FR06H02355 - Updating look and functions of the NoMachine Monitor
FR10F02117 - Providing the client GUI, NoMachine player, natively compiled on Mac Intel
FR11C01172 - Allowing users to run NoMachine desktops in fullscreen mode on Mac OS X
FR09E01896 - Making NoMachine clients able to display asking for username and password when required from server side
FR11H02399 - Adding the possibility to search a session by its name or username in the client GUI
FR09I02601 - Adding support to manage authentication on the server host by using a SSH key stored on a smartcard
FR11I02630 - Adding support to manage authentication on the server host by using a client-side Kerberos ticket
FR10G02281 - Extending printing support capabilities to provide support for bidirectional printing
FR08F02097 - Supporting installation of NoMachine in silent or very silent mode on Windows
FR09I02609 - Setting the interaction level with the remote desktop session at runtime
FR03F02034 - Removing the Cygwin compatibility layer used to run NX components on Windows
FR03G02203 - Removing the NX specific code from the nxssh component

On the server side:

FR12D01576 - Accessing the remote desktop on Windows O.S.
FR12D01577 - Accessing the remote desktop on Mac OS X platforms
FR06J02720 - Adding support for High Availability with the NoMachine Cluster Server
FR02E01642 - Supporting a weighted round-robin algorithm for the automatic selection of the remote node
FR01F01996 - Giving the possibility of specifying further items to better qualify the node when adding it to the NoMachine Server
FR11J02756 - Giving the possibility to configure the server to emulate behavior of 3.5.0
FR10I02629 - Adding support in NoMachine Server for SSH system login
FR07G02238 - Adding support to NX Server for Kerberos ticket authentication when using the nx key authentication method
FR09E01883 - Handling SSHD password change requests in NoMachine server
FR05F02058 - Making NoMachine Server able to request user's access credentials when authentication is needed
FR03H02330 - Making NoMachine server able to support redirect capabilities
FR11J02757 - Launching the default desktop environment when creating a new virtual session
FR01H02309 - Making NoMachine Server able to provide the list of the available resources
FR10H02396 - Making NoMachine server able to use the first free display number when creating a new session
FR07G02242 - Making NoMachine Server able to detect and provide a list of session types available on that host
FR03F02009 - Improving NX Server behaviour with advanced capabilities such as multi-node support and user profiles
FR10E01904 - Adding the possibility to create profiles on a per-group of users basis
FR01H02308 - Aligning the NoMachine Server support for profiles to the new multimedia, printing and file services
FR08I02593 - Updating NoMachine Server Profiles to manage USB forwarding over the network
FR07I02508 - Supporting connecting disks from remote to locale and vice-versa
FR03F02011 - Giving the possibility of limiting the number of concurrent sessions on the remote node via profiles
FR09I02613 - Adding the possibility to create profile rules on a per-node basis
FR12E01978 - Giving the possibility of selecting the remote node where the session has to be started
FR03F02010 - Extending NX Server capabilities to create profiles for guest users
FR02E01638 - Giving the possibility to install the NoMachine software in a different place to /usr/NX
FR07H02367 - Improve the NoMachine setup procedure to allow installation when the nx user already exists in LDAP or NIS directory
FR07F02081 - Adding a a configuration key to redirect log messages to a file different from syslog on Linux

FR06J02713 - Giving access to network servers available on local or remote devices with NoMachine
FR11G02297 - Connecting resources and devices at runtime within the NoMachine session
FR10D01511 - Adding the possibility to record the session with NoMachine and play the video
FR11G02294 - Managing connections by using the NX protocol
FR02E01634 - Adding the ability of resizing the session window when the client is running on Windows
FR06F02073 - Improving multimedia support by video and audio streaming optimization
FR07E01796 - Integrating the NoMachine audio framework with PulseAudio sound server and ALSA on Linux
R09F02107 - Making a refactoring of all NX components and libraries and a new build system
FR11G02293 - Sharing client and server side USB devices over the network with NoMachine
FR09E01855 - Implementing cursor tracking for remote desktop sessions
FR09E01875 - Adding support for the Composite extension in the X11 agent
FR09E01876 - Making the NX X11 agent able to run without being connected to any display
FR02E01636 - Supporting the migration of the session between displays with different properties
FR08E01820 - Improving the multiple monitor support for Linux displays
FR09E01873 - Improving view modes in the X11 agent for Web sessions
FR04F02047 - Giving the possibility of disabling all keyboard shortcuts
FR04H02342 - Extending the maximum amount of data transferable in a single copy&paste operation
FR06H02361 - Adding support for copy&paste operations to remote desktop sessions

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 32-bit/64-bit XP/Vista/7/8
  • Mac OS X Intel 64-bit 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8
  • Linux 32-bit and 64-bit
    Red Hat Enterprise 4/5/6
    SLES 10/11
    Open SUSE 10.x /11.x/12.x
    Mandriva 2009/2010/2011
    Fedora Core 10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18
    Debian GNU Linux 4.0 Etch/5.0 Lenny/ 6.0 Squeeze/ 7.0 Wheezy
    Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron/8.10 Intrepid Ibex/Ubuntu 9.04 JauntyJackalope/9.10 Karmic Koala/10.4 Lucid Lynx/10.10 Maverick/11.04 Natty/11.10 Oneiric/12.04 Precise Pangolin

Installing NoMachine 4 on Windows

Uninstall NoMachine Beta 2 if you have it. Uninstall it from Windows Control Panel and the Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP or Program and Features in Windows Vista , 7 or 8.

Download the EXE.

  • Install it by double clicking on the icon of the executable: the setup wizard will take you through the installation.

Installing NoMachine on Mac OS X

Uninstall NoMachine Beta 2 if you have it. Drag&drop NoMachine from Applications to trash or select 'Move to trash' from the mouse button menu.

Download the DMG.

  • Double-click on the the disk Image to open it and see package icon.
  • Double-click on the package icon to install the program: the setup wizard will take you through the installation.

Installing NoMachine on Linux

Uninstall NoMachine Beta 2 if you have it and remove manually the installation directory.

To install the new packages you can follow instructions below, intended to be run from command line or use the graphical package manager of your Linux distribution.

RPM version
To uninstall NoMachine Beta 2, run the 'rpm -e nomachine' command and remove the installation directory.

To uninstall the Enterprise Client, run 'rpm -e nomachine-enterprise-client'.

To uninstall NoMachine Portal Server run 'rpm -e nomachine-portal-server'.

To install NoMachine 4:

  • Download the RPM.
  • Install the package by running from a console:
    # rpm -i nomachine-packageType_version_arch.rpm

DEB version
To uninstall
NoMachine Beta 2, run the 'dpkg -r nomachine' command.

To uninstall the Enterprise Client, run 'dpkg -r nomachine-enterprise-client'.

To uninstall NoMachine Portal Server run 'dpkg -r nomachine-portal-server'.

To install NoMachine 4:

  • Download the DEB.
  • Install the package by running from a console:
    $ sudo dpkg -i nomachine-packageType_version_arch.deb

TAR.GZ version
To uninstall NoMachine Beta 2, run the 'NX/scripts/setup/nxserver --uninstall' command.

To uninstall the Enterprise Client, run the 'NX/scripts/setup/nxclient --uninstall'.

To uninstall NoMachine Portal Server run 'NX/scripts/setup/nxwebplayer --uninstall'.

To install NoMachine 4:

  • Download the TAR.GZ in the /usr directory.
  • Extract the archive by running from a console:
    $ sudo tar xvzf nomachine-packageType_version_arch.tar.gz
  • Run the proper setup script for installing the software:
    /usr/NX/nxserver --install
    or, if you are installing the Enterprise Client:
    /usr/NX/nxclient --install

Some remarks

Compatibility with NX 3.5.0

NoMachine 4 is compatible with both NX Client and NX Server 3.5.0.

Upgrade of NX server installations 3.5.0

It's possible to upgrade a NX 3.5.0 server installation with a NoMachine 4 package. Upgrade procedure will create a backup of all the relevant configurations and will try to apply them to avoid manual intervention. For 3.5.0 customers: server 4 is able to work with a valid license 3.5.0. It will map the server type 3.5.0 with the correspondent server type available with version 4:

NX Enterprise Desktop Server -> NoMachine Workstation

NX Small Business Server -> NoMachine Small Business Server

NX Enterprise Server -> NoMachine Terminal Server

NX Advanced Server -> NoMachine Enterprise Server

More instructions about upgrading from 3.5.0 to version 4 are available here:


Installation and configuration guides for the NoMachine products are available at: