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Searching in: Trouble Reports
ID: TR04M05227
Added on: 2015-04-02
Last update: 2021-02-22
Solved in: N/A
Platform: All Linux Platforms
Product: NoMachine Server
Severity: Minor
Status: Closed
On gnome desktop environments ALT-TAB doesn't let users change the window running in the foreground


TR closed. This issue cannot be reproduced with NoMachine 7 on Ubuntu 20.04 and CentOS 8.0. The problem is caused by old Gnome releases. It is therefore recommended to update your installation.



When running an application in custom session-floating window mode, the key ALT+TAB keys, which should let the user change the focus of the windows open on the local desktop, gets blocked. The NoMachine floating window stays in the foreground.

This has been reproduced on CentOS and Ubuntu clients. Windows clients are not affected.