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Searching in: Trouble Reports
ID: TR04P08531
Added on: 2018-04-27
Last update: 2020-02-04
Affects: 6
Due to be solved in:  6.x
Platform: All Platforms
Product: NoMachine Client
Severity: Minor
Status: Open
The client doesn't notify the user when some authentication methods are disabled on the server

This problem occurs when key-based (i) or Kerberos-based (ii) authentication is disabled on the server:

i) the server is configured to accept only password-based authentication (e.g. AcceptedAuthenticationMethods NX-password is set in server.cfg) and the user tries to authenticate by using a private key with a passphrase.

ii) Kerberos authentication is disabled on the server and the user tries to use Kerberos authentication.

In this case the client doesn't advise the user that the seleted authentication is not allowed and tries repeatedly to reconnect, the spinning wheel will be displayed forever without error messages. NoMachine logs file are filled with multiple connection attempts.

This problem affects both connections by NoMachine client and by the web.

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