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Searching in: Trouble Reports
ID: TR04R09660
Added on: 2020-04-29
Last update: 2020-05-15
Affects: 6
Due to be solved in:  6.x
Platform: All Platforms
Product: NoMachine Client
Severity: Serious
Status: Open
Custom sessions on an external monitor do not refresh their content when the laptop lid is closed

This problem occurs when a Linux custom session is run in floating window mode from a NoMachine client on a laptop with an external monitor attached and the laptop lid is closed.

Steps to reproduce it:

1) Launch a custom session in floating window mode from NoMachine client running on a laptop with an external monitor attached.
The custom session's windows are displayed on the external monitor and work as expected.

2) Close the lid.
This makes the Operating System to add the laptop screen to the display layout: the custom session's windows could be rearranged and moved to the laptop screen or they could be left in the external monitor.

If the session's windows are still displayed on the external monitor, they seem to be no longer functional: they do not apparently react to the user's input. Actually they accept the input, but no change is displayed since the custom session's windows cease updating their content.
The remote applications are accepting input: if a custom session's window is moved to the laptop screen, it shows its updated content in response to the previously inserted input.

If the lid is closed, session's windows in the external monitor update their content and restart working correctly.

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