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Searching in: Trouble Reports
ID: TR05R09710
Added on: 2020-05-22
Last update: 2020-05-29
Affects: 6
Due to be solved in:  6.x
Platform: All Platforms
Product: NoMachine Server
Severity: Minor
Status: Open
UDP protocol falls back to TCP when a single UDP port is specified in the server configuration

By default, NoMachine chooses the first port free in the range of 4011-4999 for UDP multimedia communication. If no free ports can be found or if the port cannot be open in the router or firewall, multimedia communication will be over TCP protocol.

When a single port is specified in the server configuration, for example:

UDPPort 4000

NoMachine will always try to use this UDP port for multimedia traffic, but it will be possible only for the first session.

All the next sessions, even if the first one is terminated, will instead use the TCP protocol also for multimedia. This problem occurs because the UDP port is not removed from the NoMachine backend when the session is terminated and results to be still busy.

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