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Searching in: Trouble Reports
ID: TR07O07965
Added on: 2017-07-25
Last update: 2019-09-17
Solved in: 6.8.1
Platform: Fedora 25
Product: NoMachine Server
Severity: Minor
Status: Closed
Cannot launch system applications in virtual desktop sessions on Fedora 26 with Wayland

Launching some applications (e.g. Gnome-terminal or Nautilus) is not possible in NoMachine virtual sessions created by the same user who is  the physical desktop's owner. This problem occurs on Fedora 26 with Wayland enabled. Some other applications like Firefox work fine.

As a temporary workaround, users can choose any of the following options:
    1. Connect to the NoMachine virtual session as other user than the physical desktop owner.
    2. Log-out from the physical desktop.
    3. Log-on to the physical desktop with "GNOME Classic", "GNOME Xorg" or another desktop different than "GNOME" with Wayland.