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NoMachine entries for virtual desktops in the server session list explained

This article applies to those NoMachine server products for Linux having support for virtual desktop sessions. When the user creates a new virtual desktop, closes (i.e. disconnects) or......

Id: AR11K00757 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2013-11-29 Last modified: 2016-06-24

How to activate licenses for NoMachine 5

Starting from NoMachine version 5 it's possible to activate the license also from the GUI.  Note that: - For all NoMachine server products, it's necessary to activate both server.......

Id: AR07M00850 Applies to: NX Licensing

Added on: 2015-07-03 Last modified: 2016-06-21

How to activate licenses for NoMachine 4 or later

With NoMachine v. 4 licenses must be activated manually. Starting from version 5, it's possible to activate licenses also from the GUI. See: When you......

Id: AR09K00687 Applies to: NX Licensing

Added on: 2013-09-27 Last modified: 2016-06-21

What do I need to do to allow NoMachine software to use H.264?

NoMachine provides unprecedented performance when streaming heavy graphical content such as videos and visualization software over any network. Additional acceleration can be obtained using H.264.......

Id: AR10K00706 Applies to: FAQs

Added on: 2013-10-07 Last modified: 2016-06-20

How to solve error 'Cannot find the default environment' on Linux headless machines

On headless machines, or every time the local X server cannot be found, NoMachine will use its own display service (that is an embedded X server) to let users connect seamlessly a physical desktop......

Id: AR06N00891 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2016-06-20 Last modified: 2016-06-20

The X11 vector graphics mode in X-Window virtual desktop

The X11 vector graphics mode (previously known as “lightweight” mode), enabled by default, is a server side configuration available in version 4 and later of all of the enterprise-......

Id: AR02L00779 Applies to: NX Technology

Added on: 2014-02-12 Last modified: 2016-06-17

How to enable the blanking of the remote physical screen when somebody is connected

This feature is available with NoMachine servers version 5 or later. When the screen blanking is active, the local user will see a black screen on the physical monitor while somebody is connected......

Id: AR07M00851 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2015-07-06 Last modified: 2016-06-15

Enabling the H.264 codec on the NoMachine client host

At present the H.264 codec cannot be used for virtual desktop sessions running in X11 vector graphics mode (previously known as “lightweight” mode). See

Id: AR10K00696 Applies to: NX Software

Added on: 2013-10-02 Last modified: 2016-06-14

How to set port for web connections if NoMachine is configured to listen on a non-default port

This article applies to NoMachine Cloud Server and connections by the web via NX protocol Settings for web connections are stored in the cloud.cfg file on the Cloud Server host, e.g. /usr/NX/etc/......

Id: AR06N00888 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2016-06-09 Last modified: 2016-06-09

GPU accelerated video decoding is not available on Windows if the resolution of the remote screen is higher than 1920x1080

When the resolution of the remote monitor is higher than 1920x1080, NoMachine version 4 or later doesn't use H.264 hardware-accelerated decoding  on Windows clients. If available,  H.......

Id: AR09L00811 Applies to: NX Software

Added on: 2014-09-24 Last modified: 2016-05-31

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