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How to configure a NoMachine server v. 6 or later to connect web sessions on localhost or on different hosts

This article applies to NoMachine v. 6 or later. For previous versions, please refer to Since v.6, all NoMachine servers except the free version support......

Id: AR06P00984 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2018-06-20 Last modified: 2019-09-19

Server side configuration keys requiring to restart NoMachine

The majority of server configuration keys don't require to restart the NoMachine server and/or services to apply different settings: changes will be effective at the new session startup and......

Id: AR09P00999 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2018-09-21 Last modified: 2019-09-18

Why NoMachine Small Business Server is available for purchase and evaluation only upon special request

NoMachine Small Business Server is a product targeted for small-medium sized businesses.  In order to purchase or evaluate it, we kindly ask you to provide us with some basic information......

Id: AR09K00692 Applies to: NX Licensing

Added on: 2013-09-30 Last modified: 2019-09-16

How to solve USB devices not being listed when compiling the NoMachine USB kernel driver manually

This article refers to a problem that originally arose on Raspberry but the steps described can be applied to other platforms running a Linux distribution. It frequently happens that linux-......

Id: AR11O00946 Applies to: NX Software

Added on: 2017-11-16 Last modified: 2019-09-12

Is NoMachine for remote desktop free?

NoMachine is free to download and install for anyone who wants a remote desktop software for personal, or individual, use. I.e if you are looking for a remote access software to install on your......

Id: AR03P00972 Applies to: FAQs

Added on: 2018-03-12 Last modified: 2019-09-12

How to enable VirtualGL support on Linux in NoMachine v. 6.2 or later

This article applies to NoMachine v. 6.2 or later and to servers for Linux supporting virtual desktops (e.g. NoMachine Workstation, Terminal Server etc ...) and Terminal Server Node. For previous......

Id: AR05P00982 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2018-05-30 Last modified: 2019-09-10

What to do if audio is not available when connected to a remote desktop on Windows XP

Audio may be missing when connecting to a Windows XP host with NoMachine 4. This issue occurs when a non-recent version of Creative Sound Blaster driver is installed on the Windows machine. We......

Id: AR11K00742 Applies to: NX Technology

Added on: 2013-11-12 Last modified: 2019-08-30

Default ports used by NoMachine 4 or later

For each session, NoMachine uses a number of  i) ports that are used only locally on server or client side and ii) TCP ports. Ports used locally must be free to let the session start but don......

Id: AR01L00770 Applies to: NX Software

Added on: 2014-01-09 Last modified: 2019-08-29

How to uninstall NoMachine on Mac

The correct procedure to uninstall NoMachine on Mac is to drag and drop the NoMachine icon from Applications to trash, or click on the icon and choose to move it to trash. As an alternative, if......

Id: AR12K00767 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2013-12-23 Last modified: 2019-08-28

Securing the NX Web Companion

Note: this product has been replaced by the "Web Player" functionality provided by all Enterprise products and has been discontinued. This article applies to legacy version 3.5.0 of......

Id: AR05C00209 Applies to: NX Software

Added on: 2005-05-26 Last modified: 2019-08-27

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