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Resize and scaling options for NoMachine client version 4 or later

By default NoMachine shows the session content at the same size as the remote display. This means that if the remote screen has a resolution larger than the user's local monitor or the session......

Id: AR02M00835 Applies to: NX Client Products

Added on: 2015-02-04 Last modified: 2018-12-10

How to use NoMachine prior to v. 6.4.6 on macOS Mojave

Apple have introduced a new security mechanism in the latest version of macOS 10.14 (aka Mojave) which requires special access to be granted in order to control the Mac from remote or access its......

Id: AR10P01001 Applies to: NX Software

Added on: 2018-10-02 Last modified: 2018-12-10

What to do if USB support is disabled with NoMachine 4 installed on Linux

If you have USB support disabled among the NoMachine services, it is likely that the USB module has not been compiled on your Linux during the installation of NoMachine. You can verify this by......

Id: AR12J00658 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2012-12-19 Last modified: 2018-12-05

How to disable or uninstall NoMachine USB drivers on Windows

NoMachine USB drivers are installed on Windows by the Enterprise Client package and by all server packages. They are necessary to support the forwarding of USB devices such as pendrives inside the......

Id: AR12O00955 Applies to: NX Software

Added on: 2017-12-21 Last modified: 2018-12-05

How to solve 'session negotiation failed, application terminated prematurely'

If the user gets this message when connecting to a Linux host: "The session negotiation failed.  Error: Session failed, application terminated prematurely." it means that the......

Id: AR08N00898 Applies to: NX Software

Added on: 2016-08-11 Last modified: 2018-12-04

How to run a virtual desktop environment on Linux different from the default one with NoMachine

This article applies to NoMachine v. 4 or later. During installation, NoMachine detects which is the default desktop environment set on the system and configures the node accordingly. When the......

Id: AR04K00667 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2013-04-03 Last modified: 2018-12-04

Troubleshooting issues caused by system resources exceeded on Linux

NoMachine server, as any other application, utilizes system resources to function properly. If the available system resources are exceeded, users may be no longer able to create new virtual......

Id: AR04O00927 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2017-04-27 Last modified: 2018-11-27

'System Extension Blocked' dialog on macOS High Sierra 10.13 when installing NoMachine

When installing NoMachine (either a server or the client package) for the first time on macOS High Sierra 10.13, users will receive the 'Blocked kernel extension' message from the system......

Id: AR01P00962 Applies to: NX Software

Added on: 2018-01-24 Last modified: 2018-11-27

How do I collect the NoMachine log files?

If you create a support ticket on our website or are seeking help in one of the forums, in most cases our support team will ask you to send them your log files. Within these log files various......

Id: AR10K00697 Applies to: FAQs

Added on: 2013-10-04 Last modified: 2018-11-26

Disabling the automatic start-up of NoMachine at boot time

Disabling the automatic start-up of NoMachine at boot time doesn't stop all NoMachine services, unless the machine is rebooted. To stop immediately all services it's necessary to shutdown......

Id: AR04L00800 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2014-04-30 Last modified: 2018-11-22

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