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Limits on concurrent virtual desktops and concurrent connections explained

Limits on the number of virtual desktops and/or connections can be set in two ways: (i) in the server configuration or if the server supports profiles, (ii) via profile rules. It's advisable to......

Id: AR08M00858 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2015-08-31 Last modified: 2020-08-06

How to make the client able to read extra options

Since version 6.10.12, the NoMachine client is able to read extra options from a file named 'options' and append them to the normal session options, in order to override default values......

Id: AR07R01095 Applies to: NoMachine Client

Added on: 2020-07-28 Last modified: 2020-07-28

Benchmarks for Cloud Server hosts (Windows, macOS and Linux)

This article applies to large environments deploying a Cloud Server (CS) solution to access Enterprise Desktops (ED) on the users' stations. The main parameters to be taken in account for......

Id: AR06R01093 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2020-06-30 Last modified: 2020-07-23

How to use a graphics tablet in a NoMachine session

P { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 115% } To achieve the full functionality of the graphics tablet (e.g. pressure sensitivity, stylus tilt or rotation) when using it via NoMachine, follow......

Id: AR07R01094 Applies to: NoMachine Software

Added on: 2020-07-24 Last modified: 2020-07-23

Using Valgrind to detect possible memory leaks in the nxnode program

To debug the nxserver program with Valgrind, please read here: This feature is available since v. 6.1.   While investigating problems related to high......

Id: AR09L00809 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2014-09-19 Last modified: 2020-07-15

How to configure NoMachine servers to use WebRTC

Starting from version 5.1.40, NoMachine web-based sessions support WebRTC (Real-Time Web Communication) technology enabling peer-to-peer audio/video streaming and real-time data sharing. Currently......

Id: AR07N00892 Applies to: NoMachine Software

Added on: 2016-07-01 Last modified: 2020-07-13

Using Valgrind to detect possible memory leaks in the nxserver program

To debug the nxnode program with Valgrind, please read here: Since NoMachine v. 6.1, it's possible to use the Valgrind memory debugger also in the user......

Id: AR04P00976 Applies to: NoMachine Software

Added on: 2018-04-19 Last modified: 2020-07-13

How to verify the NoMachine server host fingerprint information

When you connect to a NoMachine host that you have not connected to before via NX protocol, the client prints a message asking if you want to continue to connect or not. Connections by NX......

Id: AR10K00729 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2013-10-28 Last modified: 2020-07-08

Default ports used by NoMachine 4 or later

For each session, NoMachine uses a number of  i) ports that are used only locally on server or client side and ii) TCP ports. Ports used locally must be free to let the session start but don......

Id: AR01L00770 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2014-01-09 Last modified: 2020-07-08

How to choose the most appropriate Cloud Server setup and configure it to allow access to NoMachine Servers

This guide is for system administrators who need to provide users access to computers or desktops in the corporate network and through a single point of access. The single point of access will be......

Id: AR05R01088 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2020-05-18 Last modified: 2020-07-08

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