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Encryption in NoMachine 4 or later

NoMachine was designed with privacy and security in mind. Whether you are connecting to your device over the internet, LAN or corporate network, all traffic between devices is always encrypted.......

Id: AR10K00705 Applies to: NX Technology

Added on: 2013-10-07 Last modified: 2017-03-27

Troubleshooting the NoMachine Monitor on Linux

The NoMachine Monitor is the server side service, displayed in the system tray of the host machine (!M icon), in charge of constantly monitoring incoming connection requests. The Monitor process is......

Id: AR03O00922 Applies to: NX Software

Added on: 2017-03-23 Last modified: 2017-03-23

Purchasing a subscription from the Enterprise and Terminal Server ranges

Purchasing a subscription gives you the right to activate a certain number of features and functionalities according to the product you choose. A subscription entitles you to receive technical......

Id: AR10K00711 Applies to: NX Licensing

Added on: 2013-10-09 Last modified: 2017-03-22

The server.cfg and node.cfg files explained (for server v. 4 and later)

THE CONFIGURATION FILES ON THE INSTALLATION HOST Server.cfg and node.cfg are the configuration files for tuning the NoMachine server's behavior and are provided with the installation of a......

Id: AR02N00877 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2016-02-18 Last modified: 2017-03-22

How to connect to NoMachine when the server is behind a NAT router or a firewall

When the NoMachine (server) computer is behind a NAT router or a firewall, NoMachine tries to use the UPnP or NAT-PMP protocol (depending on what is supported by the router) to: - Retrieve the......

Id: AR11L00827 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2014-11-28 Last modified: 2017-03-13

How to authorize connections to remote desktop automatically or only upon owner's authorization with NoMachine

When connecting to the remote (physical or virtual) desktop of a machine (server), the default behavior is that the server asks for authorization to the remote desktop owner when this owner is......

Id: AR04K00663 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2013-04-02 Last modified: 2017-03-10

How to enable the auto-disconnect feature in NoMachine 4 or later

Administrators can configure NoMachine to auto-disconnect, terminate or disconnect virtual desktops on Linux automatically after some time of inactivity. (To set automatic termination of virtual......

Id: AR01H00551 Applies to: NX Software

Added on: 2010-01-20 Last modified: 2017-01-27

Default ports used by NoMachine 4 or later

For each session, NoMachine uses a number of  i) ports that are used only locally on server or client side and ii) TCP ports. Ports used locally must be free to let the session start but don......

Id: AR01L00770 Applies to: NX Software

Added on: 2014-01-09 Last modified: 2017-01-27

Using NoMachine 5 or later to access legacy unix-based systems (foreign nodes)

Starting from version 5, any Unix-like workstation or server with an X Window System (i.e. a graphical user interface based on X) can be integrated into a NoMachine multi-node environment without......

Id: AR07M00849 Applies to: NX Software

Added on: 2015-07-02 Last modified: 2017-01-25

Best practice to restart the master server after a cluster failover (up to v. 5.2)

This procedure applies up to the implementation of this Feature Request: A NoMachine cluster is made of two servers: the primary or master server (server A......

Id: AR03N00880 Applies to: NX Server Products

Added on: 2016-03-03 Last modified: 2017-01-24

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