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Using Valgrind to detect possible memory leaks in the nxserver program

To debug the nxnode program with Valgrind, please read here: Since NoMachine v. 6.1, it's possible to use the Valgrind memory debugger also in the user......

Id: AR04P00976 Applies to: NoMachine Software

Added on: 2018-04-19 Last modified: 2020-11-25

How to handle possible conflicts between NoMachine USB module and third party drivers

The NoMachine USB forwarding module uses specific methods and drivers that may be not compatible with third party drivers providing similar functionalities. In this case, we recommend to disable......

Id: AR04Q01027 Applies to: NoMachine Software

Added on: 2019-04-30 Last modified: 2020-11-23

How to enable VirtualGL support on Linux in NoMachine v. 6.2 or later

This article applies to NoMachine v. 6.2 or later and to servers for Linux supporting virtual desktops (e.g. NoMachine Workstation, Terminal Server etc ...) and Terminal Server Node. For previous......

Id: AR05P00982 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2018-05-30 Last modified: 2020-11-20

How customers can add support contacts via their Customer Area

Customers can add/modify/delete support contacts from their Customer Area in the Your Details -> Customer Support Contact(s) area. At any moment, they can enable or disable each of the......

Id: AR04Q01023 Applies to: NoMachine Licensing

Added on: 2019-04-08 Last modified: 2020-11-13

Improving performance of GNOME 3 in a NoMachine virtual desktop running on a RHEL host with GPU and NVIDIA drivers

This article applies to NoMachine server v. 6.4.x or later running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux  (or CentOS) 7.5 or later. For NoMachine versions older than v. 6.4.x and RHEL versions......

Id: AR01Q01012 Applies to: NoMachine Software

Added on: 2019-01-24 Last modified: 2020-11-13

How to set-up a multinode environment on Linux

This article applies to NoMachine v. 6 or later and can be used to set-up a multinode environment for evaluation or for production as well. A NoMachine multi-node environment is made of a......

Id: AR07P00987 Applies to: NoMachine Software

Added on: 2018-07-11 Last modified: 2020-11-13

NoMachine USB forwarding limitations

Web cameras The current implementation of NoMachine USB forwarding doesn't support some models of web cameras which use an isochronous video stream: the Web Camera cannot be forwarded from......

Id: AR03R01080 Applies to: NoMachine Software

Added on: 2020-03-27 Last modified: 2020-11-13

How to set-up a Cloud Server multi-server environment (v.6)

This article is superseded by: Prerequisites are: - Install NoMachine Cloud Server, CS1 on machineA. - Install a NoMachine server (e.g. the Enterprise......

Id: AR04R01082 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2020-04-06 Last modified: 2020-11-13

Connecting to a Wayland-based desktop running in a Linux virtual machine

This article applies to NoMachine v. 6 and 7. Many recent Linux operating systems (e.g. Fedora 31, OpenSUSE 15, Ubuntu 19.10 or later) provide support for desktop environments relying on Wayland......

Id: AR04R01083 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2020-04-09 Last modified: 2020-11-13

How to choose the most appropriate Cloud Server setup and configure it to allow access to NoMachine Servers (v. 6)

This guide is for system administrators who need to provide users access to computers or desktops in the corporate network and through a single point of access. The single point of access will be......

Id: AR05R01088 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2020-05-18 Last modified: 2020-11-13

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