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Tips for using NoMachine on NVIDIA Jetson Nano

NoMachine can be installed on a Jetson Nano out-of-the-box. There are a couple of tweaks to consider if you are using your Nano as a headless server. This article assumes that you have already......

Id: AR02R01074 Applies to: NoMachine Software

Added on: 2020-02-06 Last modified: 2021-03-05

How to disable web connections by HTTPS and use only HTTP in version 6.9 and earlier

This article refers to NoMachine software which supports browser-based connections. For version 6.10 or later, please refer to The NoMachine web server, nxhtd......

Id: AR07P00986 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2018-07-04 Last modified: 2021-03-04

How to choose the most appropriate Cloud Server setup and configure it to allow access to NoMachine Servers

This guide applies to NoMachine v. 7 or later. It is intended for system administrators who need to provide a single point of access to computers in the corporate network, including academic and......

Id: AR05R01090 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2020-05-29 Last modified: 2021-03-04

How to upgrade a Cloud Server set-up from v. 6 to v. 7

Since Cloud Server v. 7.2, it's possible to upgrade gradually a Cloud Server environment from version 6 to v.7: upgrade before the nodes at your convenience and finally the Cloud Server.......

Id: AR03S01110 Applies to: NoMachine Client

Added on: 2021-03-02 Last modified: 2021-03-04

How to disable web connections by HTTPS and use only HTTP

This article refers to NoMachine software which supports browser-based connections from version 6.10 or later. If you are using 6.9 or earlier please consult

Id: AR03S01112 Applies to: NoMachine Client

Added on: 2021-03-04 Last modified: 2021-03-04

The Cloud Server's new default forwarding method to client nodes from version 7.2

With the implementation of the following Feature Request in NoMachine v. 7.2 Changing the default forward methods for Cloud Server nodes the default method......

Id: AR02S01107 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2021-02-23 Last modified: 2021-03-03

How to enable VirtualGL support on Linux in NoMachine v. 6.2 or later

This article applies to NoMachine v. 6.2 or later and to servers for Linux supporting virtual desktops (e.g. NoMachine Workstation, Terminal Server etc ...) and Terminal Server Node. For previous......

Id: AR05P00982 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2018-05-30 Last modified: 2021-03-01

How to display the remote desktop in full-screen

When connecting via NoMachine, it is possible to send the session window to fullscreen on any of the supported operating sytem in two ways: 1) via the Connection menu. - Open the NoMachine......

Id: AR03S01109 Applies to: NoMachine Client

Added on: 2021-03-01 Last modified: 2021-03-01

How to use smartcard readers with NoMachine on Linux (OpenSSH 8.4/8.4p1 or later)

This article applies to users running NoMachine client on Linux with OpenSSH 8.4/8.4p1 or later, which introduces some changes aimed at increasing the ssh-agent security level. Symptom of the new......

Id: AR02S01108 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2021-02-25 Last modified: 2021-02-25

How to start the session by passing options to the client from command line

To start a NoMachine connection, the NoMachine client reads the connection settings stored in the NXS files, which by default are in the user's Documents/NoMachine directory. From the command......

Id: AR02P00963 Applies to: NoMachine Software

Added on: 2018-02-02 Last modified: 2021-02-19

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