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Migrating NoMachine server configurations from one Linux machine to another

Before going on with this article please read for support entitlements when migrating to a different operating system or system. The SLA is also outlines what......

Id: AR05L00804 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2014-05-22 Last modified: 2019-10-04

How to run a virtual desktop environment on Linux different from the default one with NoMachine

This article applies to NoMachine v. 4 or later. During installation, NoMachine detects which is the default desktop environment set on the system and configures the node accordingly. When the......

Id: AR04K00667 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2013-04-03 Last modified: 2019-10-02

Troubleshooting issues caused by system resources exceeded on Linux

NoMachine server, as any other application, utilizes system resources to function properly. If the available system resources are exceeded, users may be no longer able to create new virtual......

Id: AR04O00927 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2017-04-27 Last modified: 2019-10-02

Troubleshooting microphone issues in KDE 4

When connected by NoMachine to a KDE desktop v. 4, the microphone may not work properly inside the NoMachine session. KDE 4 multimedia support relies on Phonon subsystem. Although the NoMachine......

Id: AR11P01006 Applies to: NoMachine Software

Added on: 2018-11-28 Last modified: 2019-10-01

Troubleshooting audio problems in NoMachine sessions on CentOS/RHEL

This article lists some of the most common cases of audio/microphone issues occurring when running NoMachine physical desktops or virtual desktops/custom sessions on RHEL-based systems like CentOS......

Id: AR10Q01048 Applies to: NX Software

Added on: 2019-10-01 Last modified: 2019-10-01

How are NoMachine products licensed?

Licenses to use any of the pay-for 'server' products are available as subscriptions. Subscriptions are installed on the remote host i.e the computer that you want to connect to. NoMachine......

Id: AR09F00515 Applies to: FAQs

Added on: 2008-09-26 Last modified: 2019-09-23

How to configure a NoMachine server v. 6 or later to connect web sessions on localhost or on different hosts

This article applies to NoMachine v. 6 or later. For previous versions, please refer to Since v.6, all NoMachine servers except the free version support......

Id: AR06P00984 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2018-06-20 Last modified: 2019-09-19

Server side configuration keys requiring to restart NoMachine

The majority of server configuration keys don't require to restart the NoMachine server and/or services to apply different settings: changes will be effective at the new session startup and......

Id: AR09P00999 Applies to: NoMachine Server

Added on: 2018-09-21 Last modified: 2019-09-18

Why NoMachine Small Business Server is available for purchase and evaluation only upon special request

NoMachine Small Business Server is a product targeted for small-medium sized businesses.  In order to purchase or evaluate it, we kindly ask you to provide us with some basic information......

Id: AR09K00692 Applies to: NX Licensing

Added on: 2013-09-30 Last modified: 2019-09-16

How to solve USB devices not being listed when compiling the NoMachine USB kernel driver manually

This article refers to a problem that originally arose on Raspberry but the steps described can be applied to other platforms running a Linux distribution. It frequently happens that linux-......

Id: AR11O00946 Applies to: NoMachine Software

Added on: 2017-11-16 Last modified: 2019-09-12

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