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NoMachine for ARM

If you have an ARM device such as a Jetson Nano/Xavier, BeagleBone, Radxa Rock, Banana Pi or Odroid C2, the sky's your limit to how you use it. By installing NoMachine you can transform your device into both a connecting client as well as a powerful remote server. You can remotely control it from wherever you are, work on documents, transfer files back and forth, view videos and other multi-media running on it, and much more. Suitable packages for ARM can be found below, please select according to the architecture of your device and the distribution installed. For more details about supported distributions, consult the article in our Knowledge Base.

NoMachine for ARMv7

NoMachine for ARMv8

The ARM packages above are tested on a number of Linux flavors and devices, details of which you can read here.

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