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Adding a server configuration key to enable using PAM account stack for key-based authentication by NX protocol

A new server configuration key will allow to enable/disable support for PAM account management when the user connects by NX protocol and uses key-based authentication. This will apply also to......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 6

Last update: 2019-08-23 Status: Approved

Storing Kerberos credentials for the NoMachine session in KEYRING ccache

NoMachine should store Kerberos tickets for the session in the KEYRING credential cache type when used.  ...

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 6

Last update: 2019-08-23 Status: Approved

Adding support for pam_access module when connecting by NX protocol

NoMachine should properly set the PAM_RHOST item during PAM authentication. This will allow PAM modules such as pam_access to know the source host of the authentication request and allow or deny......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 6

Last update: 2019-08-21 Status: Approved

Creating the NoMachine Network service to let people connect to each other's computers

The underlying concept is to create a service, NoMachine Network, allowing people to connect to each other's computer behind routers and firewalls, without the need for knowing their IP address......

Product: NoMachine Client Version: 6

Last update: 2019-08-16 Status: Approved

Notarizing the NoMachine application for macOS

In order to be compliant with notarization requirement introduced by the new macOS version (Catalina) the NoMachine package, application and kernel extensions need to be notarized by Apple. Ref......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 6

Last update: 2019-08-08 Status: Approved

Making NoMachine able to load-balance workload on multiple GPUs

NoMachine should be able to distribute the workload for HW accelerated video encoding among the available graphics processing units according to a load-balance algorithm. As an alternative,......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 6

Last update: 2019-07-19 Status: Approved

Allowing to select a specific GPU for NoMachine sessions

In a multi-GPU setup where multiple Graphics Cards are available on the same host, administrators may need to specify which GPU has to be dedicated to NoMachine sessions. A new configuration key......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 6

Last update: 2019-07-19 Status: Approved

Allowing users to authenticate with separate accounts in a multi-node environment

When the NoMachine multinode setup (Enterprise Terminal Server + Terminal Server Nodes) should integrate with separate authentications on different machines, it can be necessary to allow users to......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 6

Last update: 2019-07-18 Status: Approved

Providing the client IP when web sessions use private-key authentication

In the default configuration, the IP of the user's machine is available. For example it's displayed to the desktop owner when the user is connecting to the desktop or can be retrieved via a......

Product: NoMachine Web Player Version: 6

Last update: 2019-07-15 Status: Approved

Giving the possibility to specify some server commands on a per-node basis

In a multinode setup, it may be useful to have the possibility of sending some server commands to a specific remote node only, for example to terminate all sessions on that node or to send a......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 6

Last update: 2019-07-11 Status: Approved

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