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Making it possible to treat multi-monitors on the client as separate monitors in virtual desktop sessions

When the user has multiple monitors on the client, it should be possible to choose if the virtual desktop has to be spanned on all monitors so that the virtual desktop sees this as one giant......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 6

Last update: 2018-07-20 Status: Approved

Giving the possibility to execute custom scripts triggered on change resolution events

A new key in node.cfg would permit administrators to execute a custom script when the remote resolution changes. The new key name and description will be as follows: # # Specify absolute path of......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 6

Last update: 2018-07-19 Status: Approved

Add a new configuration key to enable/disable connections to the system login screen

A new configuration key, namely LoginScreenAccess,  should let administrators define if users can connect or not to the system login screen in case of physical desktop sessions. The expected......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 6

Last update: 2018-07-12 Status: Approved

Disabling TLS 1.0 for NoMachine web connections

In order to be able with PCI DSS security standards of 30 June 2018, which recommend to disable early versions of TLS:

Product: NoMachine Web Player Version: 6

Last update: 2018-07-06 Status: Approved

Enabling additional ASLR and DEP protection for the NoMachine client program

The NoMachine client application should have Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) and Data Execution Protection (DEP) enabled. ASLR and DEP technologies help to reduce possible exploitations......

Product: NoMachine Client Version: 6

Last update: 2018-07-06 Status: Approved

Creating the NoMachine Network service to let people connect to each other's computers

The underlying concept is to create a service, NoMachine Network, allowing people to connect to each other's computer behind routers and firewalls, without the need for knowing their IP address......

Product: NoMachine Client Version: 6

Last update: 2018-07-05 Status: Approved

Showing the connected browser type and version in the server session list

Since version 4.5.0, the server implements some new options for the 'nxserver --list' and 'nxserver --history' commands to provide information about the connected clients. In case......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 6

Last update: 2018-07-04 Status: Approved

Supporting a custom script for setting environment variables inside a virtual desktop session

When administrators need to set some specific variables inside the session, it could be helpful if they can define such variables into a custom script to be executed on the node host. Path to......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 6

Last update: 2018-06-28 Status: Approved

Adding a checkbox to switch display sleep on/off while the NoMachine session is running at fullscreen

When the session runs in fullscreen mode, NoMachine disables the display sleep timer in order to offer users a more comfortable and entertaining experience. This feature could be further improved......

Product: NoMachine Client Version: 6

Last update: 2018-06-27 Status: Approved

Let administrators verify to which multi-node server the remote node has been assigned

This new implementation will let administrators verify on the remote node host which is the server owning that node. This applies to multi-node environments only.  ...

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 6

Last update: 2018-06-26 Status: Approved

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