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Improving fullscreen on multi-monitors when Windows Managers don't fully support EWMH

Some changes to the way NoMachine client handles fullscreen on multiple monitors if the Windows Manager doesn't fully support the Extended Window Manager Hints (EWMH) may improve the users......

Product: NoMachine Client Version: 5.1

Last update: 2016-06-23 Status: Approved

Adding support for SOCKS protocol

NoMachine should allow to use a SOCKS proxy server for network connections. As it is for the HTTP proxy support, users should be able to set hostname of the SOCKS proxy server in the advanced......

Product: NoMachine Client Version: 5

Last update: 2016-06-22 Status: Approved

Giving a tool to let users collect logs seamlessy

A set of new commands in the nxserver program could help users to collect logs upon Support Team's request: nxserver --debug [--enable all|server|node|webplayer]      ......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 5

Last update: 2016-06-21 Status: Approved

Renaming the AgentLightweightMode configuration key to AgentX11VectorGraphics

The AgentLightweightMode key in the node configuration file has to be renamed to AgentX11VectorGraphics in order to refer to the X11 vector graphics mode, previously known as lightweight mode.......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 5.1

Last update: 2016-06-20 Status: Approved

Renaming the 'lightweight' label in the server preferences GUI

In the server GUI -> Preferences -> Performance panel the following label: "Use lightweight mode in virtual sessions" will be changed to: "Use X11 vector graphics mode in......

Product: NoMachine Client Version: 5.1

Last update: 2016-06-17 Status: Approved

Allow to configure the client to hide the main window when starting a floating window session

A new command line option '--hide' should allow to hide the client's window when a floating window session starts. This window will be made visible again when an error occurs or when......

Product: NoMachine Client Version: 5.1

Last update: 2016-06-16 Status: Approved

Making keyboard shortcuts available in web sessions

Besides the ctrl+alt+0 shortcut to open the NoMachine menu inside the web session,  these new shortcuts will be available: Keystroke Action Ctrl+Alt+T Terminate the......

Product: NoMachine Web Player Version: 5.1

Last update: 2016-06-15 Status: Approved

Automatically switching to load-balancing mode when there are no nodes available for the manual selection

When the client connects to a multi-node server with both load-balancing of virtual desktops and manual node selection enabled, if there are no nodes available for the manual choice, it should......

Product: NoMachine Client Version: 5

Last update: 2016-06-15 Status: Approved

Forwarding Kerberos tickets to nodes even when the user doesn't authenticate with Kerberos to NoMachine

In some multi-node environments it's necessary to forward Kerberos tickets to the nodes even if Kerberos authentication isn't used by the client initially. In this context it will be up......

Product: NoMachine Server Version: 5.1

Last update: 2016-06-15 Status: Approved

Letting users choose between load-balancing or manual selection of the remote node in web sessions

This implementation extends the possibility to choose between using the load-balancing mechanism or the manual selection of the node also to users connected by the web.   This feature......

Product: NoMachine Web Player Version: 5.1

Last update: 2016-06-15 Status: Approved

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