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Searching in: Articles & FAQs
ID: AR10K00732
Applies to: NoMachine Software
Added on: 2013-10-29
Last update: 2019-02-01
How to solve USB driver problems on Windows with NoMachine prior to 4.0.365

For NoMachine v. 6 or 5, please read here:


Some users have reported to be getting blue screen on Windows with NoMachine v. 4  prior to v. 4.0.365. Such crashes are related to USB drivers, as reported in the diagnostic report.

Users can keep using NoMachine as long as the USB driver is disabled.

To do that, uninstall USB by using the nxdevice tool or by hand.

How to uninstall USB using nxdevice

1)  Run the CMD console with administrator rights:
     Menu start -> run -> cmd -> right click -> run as administrator

2)  Move to <NoMachine>/bin directory
    where <NoMachine> is the directory where you installed the NoMachine software.
3) Disable USB drivers and devices by executing from console:

     nxdeviced64 --disable nxusb

     or, if you are on a 32 bit machine:

     nxdeviced32 --disable nxusb

4) Remove USB drivers and devices by executing from console:

     nxdeviced64 --uninstall nxusb

     or, if you are on a 32.bit machine:

     nxdeviced32 --uninstall nxusb

     USB service will be in 'Marked to delete'  status until next reboot.

5) Reboot the Windows machine to be sure all devices are unloaded from memory.

If you want to check status of USB service, you can run from console:

nxdeviced --status nxusb

How to manually  uninstall USB devices

1) First step is to remove all devices:

   a) Run the device manager: Control Panel -> Device Manager
   b) Remove all "NoMachine USB Stub" devices if they exist.
   c) Remove all "NoMachine USB Hub" devices if they exist.

 2) Second step is to remove all drivers:

   a) Run console with administrator rights: 
       Menu Start -> run -> cmd -> right click -> run as administrator

   b) Run the Windows sc.exe tool from console:

     > sc stop nxusbf
     > sc stop nxusbh
     > sc stop nxusbs
     > sc stop nxusbd

     > sc delete nxusbf
     > sc delete nxusbh
     > sc delete nxusbs
     > sc delete nxusbd

  Note that when given service doesn't exist yet, sc tool returns error 1060, which is not an error in this case.

 3) Third step is to unregister "NoMachine USB Hub Filter"

   a) Open Windows registry:  Menu start -> run -> regedit

   b) Find the following registry key in the tree on the left:


   c) Find UPPERFILTERS variable on the right side.

      Note : it should contain list of registered filters, but maybe it's empty if no filter is registered.

      Edit UPPERFILTERS variable and remove entries containing nx prefix (e.g. "nxusbf") if they exist.

   d) Reboot the machine.