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Making it possible to treat multi-monitors on the client as separate monitors in virtual desktop sessions
Type: Features Request Last update:2018-07-20
How to gather debug logs for support requests
Type: Documents Last update:2018-07-19
Right button of a bluetooth mouse doesn't work on Android 8
Type: Trouble Report Last update:2018-07-19
Giving the possibility to execute custom scripts triggered on change resolution events
Type: Features Request Last update:2018-07-19
NoMachine server licensing, Hyper-Threading Technology and Dual Core/Multi-Core Technology
Type: Articles Last update:2018-07-19
Shortcuts available in NoMachine sessions and how to personalize them
Type: Articles Last update:2018-07-17
How to disable specific session types (e.g. custom sessions) on Linux
Type: Articles Last update:2018-07-17
Connecting to virtual desktop sessions in NoMachine
Type: Articles Last update:2018-07-17
What is a NoMachine Server Subscription and what is included?
Type: Articles Last update:2018-07-17
Is NoMachine for remote desktop free?
Type: Articles Last update:2018-07-16
A disk connected from server side doesn't show up in the 'Remote disks' list
Type: Trouble Report Last update:2018-07-13
How to solve compatibility issues between nxlsa v. 5 and 6
Type: Articles Last update:2018-07-12
Giving the possibility to start a virtual session from command line
Type: Features Request Last update:2018-07-12
Add a new configuration key to enable/disable connections to the system login screen
Type: Features Request Last update:2018-07-12
How to set-up a multinode environment on Linux
Type: Articles Last update:2018-07-11
System accounts configured to use Kerberos cannot start NoMachine sessions on Fedora
Type: Trouble Report Last update:2018-07-11
Audio is not available in NoMachine nested sessions
Type: Trouble Report Last update:2018-07-11
Issue displaying single application in Windows client when color depth is set to 16 bit
Type: Trouble Report Last update:2018-07-11
Cannot print from RHEL 7 to Windows 10
Type: Trouble Report Last update:2018-07-11
Mouse cursor is badly displayed in the ActiveX control region
Type: Trouble Report Last update:2018-07-09