Cannot connect an iPhone or iPad via USB forwarding from Windows to Mac

Added On: 2018-02-21 Last Modified: 2019-11-28
ID: TR02P08413 Status: Closed
Severity: Serious Products:
Target: Platform: All Mac OS X Platforms

When an iPhone or iPad device is forwarded via NoMachine from Windows (e.g. Windows 7 or 10) to macOS 10.13 or 10.12, the device does not show up on the Mac side, for example in iTunes. Entering the listing command (ioreg -p IOUSB) on a Terminal on the remote Mac does not list the device.

In the NoMachine panel "Connect a USB device" inside the session, a green dot appears next to the iPhone or iPad's icon even if the device is not properly forwarded.

Note that this issue occurs with devices running iOS 10.3 or later.