Supported branch versions and product lifecycle

Added on: 2018-06-21 Last Modified: 2021-01-04
ID: AR06P00985 Applies To: NoMachine Licensing

NoMachine Product Lifecycle

NoMachine's product lifecycle consists of general availability of a new branch version or "major release" (e.g. NoMachine 5) and successive maintenance releases in the form of product updates or upgrades. These "minor versions" are recognized by the digit following the first number indicating the branch, e.g., 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and so on.

During this lifecycle period of a branch, new features are implemented according to the NoMachine roadmap, bugs and security issues that have been reported are fixed and then released to the general public. To receive continued maintenance, NoMachine customers are required to update or upgrade to a newer version of the product.

IMPORTANT: A branch version of NoMachine software (e.g., v.6) is fully supported and maintained until the release of a new major, e.g., NoMachine 7. At that point, all implementations at the code-level automatically move from the previous version to the latest version and a new lifecycle starts.


Maintenance releases

For customers with active subscriptions, NoMachine will, as a rule, continue to maintain the last available version of an earlier branch (e.g., version 5.3) for two years after a new major has been made released. NoMachine can decide to extend that time if deemed necessary. Maintenance for the previous branch is in the form of critical security issues and to consolidate fixes where possible. These maintenance releases are on as-needed basis: there may be multiple maintenance updates, or none, depending on the number of reports.



As mentioned above, once a new major is released, active development and bug/security fixing is automatically passed on to the latest available version. For example, version 7 was released in December 2020 to succeed version 6 (first released in 2018) and all new implementations will continue on the v7 branch. Maintenance in the form of security fixes, and where possible hot fixes, will still continue for version 6 on a as-need basis for two years from the date of release of version 7, thus taking maintenance of version 6 to December 2022. Maintenance is always on the last available minor for the previous branch prior to the release of the new major, in this particular case maintenance continues from version 6.12.x.

The table below gives an indication of the end-of-life for each branch.


Branch Initial Release Active Support Until Security Support Until
3.x May 2007

September 2013

September 2015
4.x September 2013

October 2015

December 2017*
5.x October 2015

February 2018

February 2020

February 2018

ongoing December 2022

December 2020

ongoing ongoing

* The end of support date was extended for an additional two months

No longer supported
Security fixes only
Active support



Legacy NX software and discontinued products

NoMachine is not supporting or providing updates for NX 3, or earlier, any longer and compatibility
with this version ceased with the release of NoMachine 6.

Version 4 is no longer supported. Customers who are still using version 4 should contact us to know
what their update and renewal options are.

NX Web Companion this product was freely available with version 3 and in later versions via special request for customers using versions 4 and 5. It is now discontinued and has been replaced by the "Web Player" functionality (browser-based access) provided in all Enterprise products.

NX Derivatives

A number of projects have expressed interest in continuing open-source development of the legacy NX 3 software, among these are FreeNX, NeatX, X2Go, 2X and Xpra. While these projects use software released by NoMachine as open-source, NoMachine did not endorse them in any way nor has any control on the quality or the functionality of the software they distribute. Please be sure you refer to the support facilities of the respective project when using software packages distributed by third parties.