Error in Event Viewer after reboot of Windows 10

Added On: 2019-03-28 Last Modified: 2019-12-17
ID: TR03Q09214 Status: Closed
Severity: Minor Products:
Target: Platform: Windows 10x

After reboot of Windows 10 there's an error in Event Viewer:

The NoMachine Device Server service did not shut down properly after receiving a preshutdown control.
Log Name: System
Source: Service Control Manager
Event ID: 7043
Level: Error
User: N/A
OpCode: Info
Logged: 3/26/2019 9:20:28 AM
Task Category: None
Keywords: Classic
Computer: jezyk

It may cause sytem shutdown delays during reboot. If problem apears system is closing even about 15 seconds system slower then system without NoMachine installed.

Issue isn't reproduced on every machine with Windows 10. The problem happens only during reboot: a single system shutdown isn't affected.