Supporting a command line option on Windows for skipping the installation of USB modules

ID: FR04Q03818 Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Device Services Target: 6
Status: Implemented  

The setup procedure for Windows, when executed manually, should accept a command line option to skip the installation of NoMachine USB modules.

The new option, usbinstall=0, should be compatible with the silent or verysilent switch:

For example:

nomachine-packageName_packageVersion.exe /usbinstall="0" /silent 


nomachine-packageName_packageVersion.exe /usbinstall="0" /verysilent

Next updates via command line will still require to specify the usbinstall=0 option to skip the installation of USB modules. If you don't specify it, the USB module will be installed.

Updates via package manager or NoMachine automatic software updates will install the USB module.