Error 'Application terminated prematurely' occurs on RHEL 7.6, due to SELinux enforcing policies

Added On: 2019-07-11 Last Modified: 2020-05-12
ID: TR07Q09362 Status: Closed
Severity: Minor Products:
Target: Platform: Red Hat Enterprise 7

SELinux policies on Red Hat 7.6 deny some operations during the initialization of the NoMachine session (either a connection to the physical desktop or a virtual desktop) and prevent the session to start.

Users get error like:

The session negotiation failed. Error: Session failed, application terminated prematurely.

This problem occurs with NoMachine v. 5 and it's not present in NoMachine v.6 which provides a SELinux policy package suitable also for RHEL 7.6 policies. Upgrading to the last NoMachine version it's strongly suggested, whenever possible.



Summary: Resolved in version 6.10.12 released on 2020-05-12.