Virtual desktops always start on the same node when using the weighted load-balancing algorithm

Added On: 2019-07-26 Last Modified: 2019-09-17
ID: TR07Q09370 Status: Closed
Severity: Minor Products:
Target: Platform: All Linux Platforms

In a multinode environment (ETS + TSN nodes), new virtual desktops are always started on the same node when the weighted round-robin algorithm is used. I.e. when:

1) the TSN node is added to the ETS server by specifying a weight (e.g. nxserver --nodeadd NODE --weight 3) 

2) the load-balancing algorithm configured in server.cfg is: LoadBalancingAlgorithm round-robin


As a temporary workaround, (i) remove the nodes and (ii) re-add them to the ETS server without the --weight parameter:

(i) nxserver --nodedel NODE:PORT

where NODE:PORT is the name of the node as it appears in the output of the 'nxserver --nodelist' command.

(ii) nxserver --nodeadd NODE

Apply this to all nodes, included localhost if it's in the list of nodes available for load balancing.