Does Enterprise Desktop allow multiple users to connect to their own individual desktop on Windows?

Added on: 2019-10-21 Last Modified: 2019-10-21
ID: AR10Q01052 Applies To: FAQs

NoMachine Enterprise Desktop lets any number of users connect to the same physical desktop of the remote computer. This means that all users connecting simultaneously, each with their own account, will see the same physical desktop. It's not possible for each user to connect and see their own individual desktop at the same time. NoMachine does not provide a "Terminal Server" for Windows, this functionality is available only on Linux.

The following products are offered for Windows:

NoMachine (free version) - one connection to a Windows desktop

NoMachine Enterprise Desktop - unlimited connections to the same desktop on Windows

NoMachine Cloud Server - centralized access to unlimited NoMachine Servers (all running the Enterprise product range)