A wrong connection IP is shown in the output of 'nxserver --list' when the virtual desktop is reconnected

Added On: 2020-02-13 Last Modified: 2020-09-11
ID: TR02R09542 Status: Open
Severity: Minor Products:
Target: Platform: All Linux Platforms

Steps to reproduce this problem are:

1. Create a virtual desktop running in X11 vector graphics mode (default) from machine A.
2. Reconnect this virtual desktop from a different IP.

The output of 'nxserver --history' or 'nxserver --list' will show the main session (e.g. unix-gnome) with the original IP and the reconnect ed virtual desktop (shadow) with the second IP. The connected IP of the main session should be instead updated to the new IP.

For example:

1022 R2250 3728B442807DE713C3BCDFDC8A8C45E3 2020-02-10
09:16:16 Connected localhost:4000 shadow

1018 R2250 67E99565CDC190282E70DC6ECBC6A7CA 2020-02-05 20:37:26
Connected localhost:4000 unix-gnome