Audio is muted in NoMachine sessions connected to a macOS even if volume levels are high

Added On: 2020-06-25 Last Modified: 2020-10-01
ID: TR06R09774 Status: Open
Severity: Minor Products:
Target: Platform: All Mac OS X Platforms

No sound is coming through NoMachine Audio Adapter, when playing audio inside the NoMachine session. This problem has been reproduced on macOS 10.13, 10.14 and 10.15.

This issue is triggered by the fact that NoMachine Audio Adapter is muted. This is not always visible in system sound settings.

Sometimes in the Audio MIDI Setup, volume stream is set to 0 and it's enough to raise it. 

In other cases, volume stream in Audio MIDI Setup seems to be already enabled.

As a workaround, go through all volume sliders for Input and Output side and lower volume value to 0.0. Then increase it again to 1.0