Giving the possibility to disable UDP communications in NoMachine sessions

ID: FR10R04029 Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Server Target: 7
Status: Approved  

In some configurations for example when the server is under very strict firewall rules, the UDP traffic is impossible to reach. Without disabling it users can waste time since NoMachine Player assumes that UDP is available and tries to establish a connection using that protocol. After 30 seconds of attemtps and timeout NoMachine switches to TCP protocol. After that implementation administrators will be able to disable UDP multimedia channel so all NoMachine Players supporting this funcionality, will connect using TCP since the beginning of the connection.

To disable UDP communications on server side, administrators need to edit server configuration file and set 'udp 0' in connectPolicy key.

# Specify policies as a comma-separated list of options to tune the
# behaviour of clients 4 or higher and restore behaviors typical of
# version 3.x. Options accept value 1 (enabled) and 0 (disabled).
# This is the list of the available options:
# autocreate=1   run a new virtual desktop automatically when the ses-
#                sion type is pre-defined in the player configuration.
# autoconnect=1  reconnect automatically the user's virtual desktop.
# automigrate=1  don't connect to a virtual desktop when there is a
#                a user already connected but disconnect and reconnect
#                the session on the new side (session migration).
# desktop=1      list all desktop types set in the AvailableSessionTypes
#                key.
# dialog=1       display the disconnect/terminate dialog.
# udp=1     enable UDP with value 1, disable it with value 0.
#ConnectPolicy autocreate=1,autoconnect=1,automigrate=1,desktop=0,dialog=0,udp=1