Incorrect preview window is shown on Windows when multiple custom sessions are running

Added On: 2020-10-12 Last Modified: 2020-10-30
ID: TR10R09860 Status: Open
Severity: Minor Products:
Target: Platform: All Windows Platforms
When there are more than one NoMachine custom sessions in floating window mode, an incorrect or corrupted window is shown in the Windows Preview (Alt - Tab) mode. 
For example if one custom session window covers partially the other one, the windows on top is what is rendered in the Windows Preview. In other cases, e.g. when the mouse pointer is hovering icons in the task bar, the preview looks to be partially covered by black, white or background areas. 
This behaviour is triggered by the nxwin component, based on version 1.20.5 of xorg-server. Upgrades to that component will solve this issue.