'WARNING! Cannot open: /var/NX/nx/.nx/config/client.crt' is issued after upgrading the Workstation to v. 7

Added On: 2020-12-30 Last Modified: 2021-01-29
ID: TR12R10004 Status: Open
Severity: Cosmetic Products:
Target: Platform: All Platforms

The following message appears in the server logs after the upgrade from v. 6 to v. 7:

NXSERVER WARNING! Cannot open: /var/NX/nx/.nx/config/client.crt.
NXSERVER WARNING! Error is: 2, 'No such file or directory'.

This warning can be safely ignored in case of NoMachine Workstation, Small Business Server and Terminal Server.

The client.crt file is necessary only for the Cloud Server or the Enterprise Terminal Server to connect to its child servers or Terminal Server Nodes repsectively.

The other server types should skip the check and do not print the warning.