Users cannot connect to a child server when it's configured to disable storing the client credentials

Added On: 2021-01-08 Last Modified: 2021-02-03
ID: TR01S10009 Status: Closed
Severity: Minor Products:
Target: Platform: All Platforms

In a multiserver environment, when the child server or the Cloud Server is configured to prevent saving client credentials (i.e."EnableClientCredentialsStoring none" is set in server.cfg), it is no longer listed among the available servers.

When a user with administrative privileges connects, he/she can see that such child server is marked as 'Unreachable'.

On the Cloud Server host, server log reports:
2537 2549 2021-01-07 15:28:13 465.241 ServerServerMonitor/ServerMonitor: ERROR! Unknown message 'NX> 198 Storing client credentials is not allowed.'

This problem has been reproduced with NoMachine v. 7.0.211


As a temporary workaround, disable direct access to the child server configured with "EnableClientCredentialsStoring none".

To do that, run on the Cloud Server host command:

nxserver --serveredit HOST:PORT --direct-access no

where HOST:PORT is the name of the child server, as it appears in the list of 'nxserver --serverlist'-

This workaround is valid also when "EnableClientCredentialsStoring none" is set on the Cloud Server host.

As an alternative, if users don't connect by the web, set "EnableClientCredentialsStoring webplayer" in the server.cfg of the child server where storing client credentials should be forbidden.