Graphical artifacts are displayed when using HW encoding by NVENC

Added On: 2021-01-08 Last Modified: 2021-02-03
ID: TR01S10010 Status: Closed
Severity: Minor Products:
Target: Platform: All Linux Platforms

Some graphical artifacts are displayed when the HW H.264 encoding by NVENC is enabled for the NoMachine virtual desktop session. Artifacts disappear when HW encoding is disabled.

As a possible workaround, use the H.264 SW encoding instead.
To do that open the NoMachine server UI -> Server settings -> Performace panel and uncheck 'Use hardware encoding'.

Otherwise edit the node.cfg file and set (remove the pre-pending # from the key name):
EnableHardwareEncoding 0

Note that this problem doesn't depend on the fact that NVENC is in use, it just becomes evident.