Users cannot reconnect virtual desktops on the remote nodes (X11 vector graphics mode disabled)

Added On: 2021-01-13 Last Modified: 2021-02-03
ID: TR01S10018 Status: Closed
Severity: Minor Products:
Target: Platform: All Linux Platforms

This problem occurs in a multi-node environment (Enterprise Terminal Server + Terminal Server Nodes) when virtual desktops are not running in X11 vector graphics mode.

Once the virtual desktop that is running on the node is disconnected, it's no longer visible in the list of available sessions. The user is prompted to create a new virtual desktop, which fails with error likes "Session failed, application terminated prematurely." or "Agent initialization failed". After some attempts, the new virtual desktop can be created.

When this problem occurs, the 'nxserver --list' command executed on the Enterprise Terminal Server host doesn't show the virtual desktop which was disconnected. The same command run on the node where the virtual desktop was running, instead shows it.

Note that, even if the inconsistent behaviour occurs only on one node, it can affect the whole list of sessions, regardless if they are running on that node or not.