How to renew your subscription

Added on: 2006-03-29 Last Modified: 2020-12-17
ID: AR03D00373 Applies To: NoMachine Licensing

You can renew your NoMachine subscription(s) by one of the following options:

Renewing via your Customer Area
Renewing via your Customer Area is possible if you are within your subscription's 'renewal period' i.e.60 days prior/past its expiry date.

Using your NoMachine credentials, log in to your Customer Area from here:

By selecting the tab 'Renew' you will be able to renew your subscription of choice.
A discount will apply upon check out.

Please contact us if you do not know your NoMachine credentials.

Renewing via a NoMachine center
If renewing online is not an option for you, you may choose one of our sales centers. Please contact us via the form at Contact Us and your request will be forwarded on to the appropriate sales center.

Renewing via a NoMachine Partner
Depending on your location, currency of choice, and time zone you may choose to renew via one of our partners.
A complete list of our partners can be found here:

Renewing via a reseller of your choice
We understand that some companies have specific suppliers they need to purchase from.
Feel free to have your supplier contact us at and we will do the rest!

Please also refer to the following article:
Why renewing your NoMachine Server license is important