Support entitlements when migrating to a different operating system or Linux distribution

Added on: 2008-01-16 Last Modified: 2018-02-14
ID: AR01F00497 Applies To: NoMachine Licensing

NoMachine Support is tied to the operating system on which the NoMachine/NX server is running. Thus, if you purchased an Enterprise Server for Windows, you will receive support for Enterprise Server on Windows. Similarly with Linux distributions, if you purchased for SUSE, you will receive support for SUSE.

In case of Enterprise Desktop which is a bundle of ten licenses, you will be requested to specify the platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) for each bundle when purchasing.  Being subscriptions for Linux licensed per specific distribution, you will need in this case to specify the distribution.

Packages available in your Customer Area are also tied to the operating system and platform specified at the time of your purchase. For example if you have acquired a license for Ubuntu, you will be able to download DEB packages.

Licenses for Linux  can be switched to another Linux distribution if necessary and your server will keep working with your current license files. However, we will not be able to offer support for this new installation as your support entitlements are tied to the original operating system for which the subscription was initially purchased. The same applies to packages in your Customer Area.

If a mistake was made at the time of purchase, this must be communicated immediately so that we can rectify the error.

Switching the operating system means a penalty is payable (Paragraph 4 Appendix 1, SLA) . We invite customers to contact the sales team to clarify their options.

When migrating your NoMachine installation to another machine with the same OS, there is no penalty, but you must check that your license fits the system's hardware specifications. For example, if you originally purchased a license for 2 CPU and you are migrating to a quad core server, your license will need to be upgraded too. In that case, you should contact sales to see what the cost of the upgrade will be for the remainder of your support term.