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Added on: 2007-07-11 By: Gian Filippo Pinzari
ROME, Italy, July 11th, 2007 - A number of reports and blog entries exist on the Internet making the claim that NX is difficult to install and configure. Other reviews claim that the sotware is not available for certain Linux distributions where it is indeed officially supported by NoMachine, or that it doesn't work as expected in certain environments. NoMachine would like to emphasize the fact that these reports refer to the installation of FreeNX and NOT NoMachine NX, as the authors seem to imply. NoMachine NX and FreeNX are not the same software and, although FreeNX relies on the open-source components designed and developed by NoMachine, NoMachine does not endorse or control in any way the evolution of FreeNX.

NoMachine also points out that, although FreeNX aims to stay compatible with NoMachine NX, it has notable differences in the underlying operations, in the configuration and in the placing of the files. Lack of continuous development by the FreeNX community has also caused intermittent incompatibilities between the NoMachine NX Client and some versions of FreeNX. The impossibility of the FreeNX users to upgrade the client, has forced NoMachine to keep available versions of the software that have been naturally replaced with more sophisticated and bug-free versions, causing further headaches to our busy support personnel. We therefore invite our users to cleanly uninstall any FreeNX component before installing NoMachine NX and to verify that they are using NoMachine NX Server and not FreeNX before submitting their inquiries to NoMachine, as it would appear that the two are being easily and confusingly compared.

The NoMachine Team