NoMachine surpasses 3,500,000 user mark

Added on: 2009-02-20 By: Katie Glossner

Rome, Italy, February 20, 2009 - NoMachine, leading provider of enterprise-class solutions for secure remote access and application delivery, today announced that it surpassed the 3,500,000 downloads and the 3,500 subscriber mark in 2008, fueled by the increasing demand for application delivery to users anywhere with the best performance, highest security and lowest cost.

Enterprises, small businesses and prosumers worldwide rely on NoMachine for fast, secure remote access and hosted desktop solutions. In the last year alone NoMachine has seen considerable growth across the globe with corporate customers including many of the Fortune Global 500.

Since its official launch onto the market in February 2003, NoMachine has established itself as a trusted name in the provision of application delivery and remote desktops as well as a key enabler in the migration to the Linux platform in enterprises of all sizes. NoMachine has today installations implemented throughout numerous industry sectors including Technology and Communications, Retail and Manufacturing, Gas and Utilities, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Education, Goverment, and Finance and Banking.


About NoMachine
NoMachine is the creator of award-winning NX software, an enterprise-class solution for secure remote access, application delivery, and hosted desktop deployment.  NoMachine's mission is to revolutionize the way users access their computing resources across the Internet to make seamless desktop access as easy and wide spread as Web browsing. NoMachine provides a comprehensive software infrastructure stack, core development, and support services built around the self-designed and self-developed NX suite of advanced components.