Unwrap Unlimited Remote Access With NoMachine NX This Holiday Season to Reduce IT Costs

Added on: 2009-12-14 By: Katie Glossner
NX is the all-in-one gift that keeps on giving with a wide range of NX Server subscriptions and other products to stay connected from anywhere

Rome, Italy, Dec. 14, 2009 – As the troubled economic year winds downand the holiday season returns, businesses, organizations andindividuals alike evaluate their budgets and search for ways to do morewith less.  With the rapidly growing and ever-changing technologiesavailable today, this is especially true for IT departments everywhere.

NoMachine,creator and global provider of world-renowned hosted desktop andapplication delivery NX software, provides some relief this holidayseason and all year round.  With NX Client, Server and other NoMachineproducts and support services, companies and professionals both cancreate and manage a remote desktop or complete computing networkaccessible from anywhere, on any device.

According to a IDCstudy, IT departments faced fierce pressure to reduce costs in 2009,while still building the complexity of the IT environment.  Becoming aneven higher priority at the holidays, NoMachine NX provides a solutionwith unique and predictable, all-inclusive, per-server pricing. NoMachine's cost-efficient pricing structure, unmatched on the market,prevents over-spending and is much needed this time of year withbudgets being tightened and monitored more closely.

With a widerange of options, the NX Server list includes NX Free Edition, NXEnterprise Desktop, NX Small Business Server, NX Enterprise Server andNX Advanced Server with NX Advanced Server Nodes, each built to meetspecific needs and priced for even small businesses, educationalinstitutions and non-profits to afford.  Customers are also guaranteedexpert technical support with any of the multiple level service optionsthrough a purchased NoMachine subscription.

Freebies are highlysought after this time of year and included with the serversubscription price, NoMachine also provides easy-to-use tools andproducts to help create, manage and monitor a centrally managed,globally accessible virtual desktop infrastructure.  NX Server Manager,NX Builder and NX Web Companion provide for easy administration andapplication access via the Web.

Along with reducing andmonitoring costs, travel is also greatly increased during the holidaysas people  visit family and friends.  AAA predicts a 1.4% rise inholiday travel this year compared to last and with NoMachine NX,traveling employees are given full access capabilities from anywhere. One's desktop environment and applications can be accessed in minutesas if they are traveling with the user.

During this spike intravel around the holidays, NoMachine NX allows for productivity whiletraveling  or stuck in airports waiting on delayed or canceledflights.  Important issues and projects can be addressed or completedfrom anywhere quickly and easily.  With NX, people can still haveconnectivity to their complete system, while traveling to be with lovedones for the holidays.  To discover the gift of NX and all it has tooffer, please visit http://www.nomachine.com.

About NoMachine
Basedin Rome, Italy, NoMachine is the creator of award-winning NX software,an enterprise-class solution for secure remote access, applicationdelivery, and hosted desktop deployment.  Since 2001, NoMachine'smission has been to revolutionize the way users access their computingresources across the Internet to make seamless desktop access as easyand widespread as Web browsing.  NoMachine provides a comprehensivesoftware infrastructure stack, core development, and support servicesbuilt around the self-designed and self-developed NX suite of advancedcomponents. For more information about NoMachine NX technology, pleasevisit http://www.nomachine.com.