Supporting the blank screen feature during a remote desktop session

ID: FR09I02610 Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Server Target: 5
Status: Implemented  

When accessing the physical display of the remote host, the administrator might not want to show the operations being performed on that computer for privacy reasons, or simply disable local access to the computer for security reasons.

It should be possible to enable/disable the blanking of the host screen, for example by means of the NoMachine session menu ( .

Anyone sitting at the host device or walking by will see a black screen on the physical monitor even though the remote session is active.

When this FR is enabled, mouse and keyboard will be locked on the remote machine.


- For multi-node environments
Enabling or disabling screen blanking has to be configured on each of the remote nodes by editing the corresponding server.cfg.

- For Mac OS X hosts
Mouse will be locked, but keyboard lock is not available on Mac OS X.

- For virtual hosts
Screen blanking is available for physical hosts, on virtual machines is not supported,since it has effect on the physical monitor.