Mac OS X Snow Leopard Users Read Here

Added on: 2009-08-27 By: Silvia Regis
Rome, Italy, August 27, 2009 - NoMachine is aware of possible incompatibilities between NX Client 3.x software and Mac OS X Snow Leopard Operating System.

Since NX Client is a compressed standard package (PKG) shipping a number of NX components as Universal Binaries and nxclient programs (NX Client GUI, NX Connection Wizard and NX Session Administrator) as PowerPC executables, it requires users to have the Rosetta translator installed and fully supported on the hosting Mac platform.

NoMachine is committed to supporting the official production release of Snow Leopard, and users should check our website from to time to get updates about this.

Users can also expect to see the nxclient programs natively built for Mac Intel in the future at the time of the NX 4.0 release:

  Building the NX Client universal binary for Mac Intel

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Any possible issues can be brought to the attention of NoMachine developers by writing to us.

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