Desktops environments supported by NoMachine

Added on: 2013-10-22 Last Modified: 2017-11-06
ID: AR10K00725 Applies To: NoMachine Software

When creating a new virtual desktop on the server host, the NoMachine server starts the default desktop as set on the system. In this way,  the server is able to launch whichever desktop the administrator would like to use.

While NoMachine is able to run the most common desktop environments, GNOME and KDE, it  tries to support also all of the most popular DE. 

However, due to the great variety of desktop environments available for Linux hosts, it can be that a certain desktop does not run out-of-the-box. In this case, NoMachine developers will try to do their best to provide a fix in a fashionable time so that users can run their preferred DE.

The NoMachine set-up v. 5 or later is able to detect automatically GNOME, gnome-classic, gnome-fallback, Unity, Pantheon, KDE and LXDE but you can configure NoMachine to run also a desktop not detected automatically or desktops different from the default one set on the system.

To do that, edit the node.cfg file (namely /usr/NX/etc/node.cfg),  ensure that the DefaultDesktopCommand key is uncommented and set there a proper command for launching the desktop environment of your choice.