Issues with NoMachine 4 installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5

Added on: 2014-02-06 Last Modified: 2014-02-12
ID: AR02L00776 Applies To: NoMachine Software

Some users have reported that graphical applications stop working after installing NoMachine 4.0 on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server release 5.5. The problem occurs when the system uses the following fontconfig version:

In order to restore the system functionalities, execute the following operations:

1. Clean up the fontconfig caches.

a. Execute this command to build again the system's cache:

sudo fc-cache -v -f

b. Search and delete or rename the users .fontconfig directories. They will be created again when applications linking the fontconfig library are executed.

Please note that the fontconfig cache directories may be different on your system. Check the tags <cachedir> in the file /etc/fonts/fonts.conf to verify the configuration.

For example the following command renames the default directories located under /home:

sudo find /home -depth -type d -name .fontconfig -exec mv .backup ;

2. The next configurations allow NoMachine applications to use a different fontconfig cache path.

a. Copy the file /etc/fonts/fonts.conf to /usr/NX/share

b. Modify the file /usr/NX/share/fonts.conf by replacing all the <cachedir> entries with the following entry:


c. Modify the scripts


by adding these lines just before the "exec" call:



This problem will be solved in the version 4.1.