Connection options are ignored by NoMachine when reconnecting to a virtual desktop in lightweight mode

Added On: 2014-11-14 Last Modified: 2014-12-17
ID: TR11L04685 Status: Closed
Severity: Minor Products:
Target: Platform: All Platforms

This problem occurs when the user modifies some local configurations (e.g. the keyboard layout, display quality settings etc ...) and reconnects to the virtual desktop with lightweight mode enabled, which is the default.

In this case the NoMachine server will ignore the new options provided by client and user's changes will be ineffective.

This issue has been reproduced with NoMachine server 4.3.30.

Step to reproduce the problem can be for example:

1. Connect from Windows to Linux and create a new virtual desktop session.
2. Disconnect the session.
3. Change the keyboard layout on the client host.
4. Reconnect to the existing virtual desktop: the keyboard layout will be the same as before.