Adding support for multiple versions of SSH daemon

ID: FR10D01528 Priority: Low
Products: NoMachine Server Target: 7
Status: Dismissed  


FR dismissed. Given the wide availability and maturity state of OpenSSH, NoMachine team stopped the development of this feature.



In the current implementation, NoMachine server only supports OpenSSH, which is a free version of the SSH connectivity tools:

NoMachine should be able, instead, to work with multiple versions of SSH server, including commercial ones.  Depending on platform(s) supported by the SSH server, combination NoMachine + alternative SSH server has to work on all the supported platforms, e.g. Linux, Windows and  Mac OS X.

Additionally, if the SSH server is FIPS compliant, combination NoMachine + alternative SSH server has to be verified also with FIPS mode enabled.

NoMachine 4 supports two authentication ways (that can be chosen by the NoMachine Player gui): the system login and the NoMachine login. The first method, connecting to the server host by using SSH (with password enabled or with key authentication), should work out-of-the-box.

The NoMachine login instead implies that an NoMachine client authenticates to the server host by means of the NoMachine SSH key pairs. If the alternative SSH server supports the key file format used by OpenSSH, authentication should work seamlessly. Otherwise, it is necessary to convert the NoMachine SSH keys to the format supported by such alternative SSH server.

A list of alternative SSH server is: