Playing NoMachine videos recorded with H.264 codec using external video players

ID: FR02N03042 Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Server Target: 7
Status: Implemented  

As it is for already for videos recorded in VP8 format, it should be possible to play NoMachine videos recorded with the H.264 codec also with a different video player than the NoMachine client. To open them, right mouse click on the recorded file and choose to open it with the player of your choice. 

These files are all placed by default in the 'NoMachine directory' in the user's 'Documents' directory:

/Users/USERNAME/Documents/NoMachine on macOS
%USERPROFILE%\\\\Documents\\\\NoMachine on Windows
/home/USERNAME/Documents/NoMachine on Linux

or in the directory specified in the client UI.

In version 7, the recorded files are in a new format called .nxr. Compatibility with the previous video format (.nxv) used in v. 5 and 6 is maintained.

Note for QuickTime Player: work is in progress to export the .nxr in a file format compatible also with this player.