A custom floating-window sessions is refreshed only when it is brought on the top

Added On: 2016-07-27 Last Modified: 2019-05-23
ID: TR07N07055 Status: Closed
Severity: Minor Products:
Target: Platform: All Platforms

In a custom floating-window sessions (Windows client) a NoMachine window is refreshed only when it is brought on top,
exposing the window is not enough to trigger a refresh.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Run custom session launching program "terminator", a terminal emulator.

2) Run Firefox and Eclipse in the Terminator window

3) Maximise Firefox and Eclipse.

4) Arrange the windows in this order (from top to down): Firefox, Terminator, Eclipse

5) Minimize the Firefox window. After that, Terminator and Eclipse windows are exposed. The window on the top is now Terminator, Eclipse is bigger so it is visible in the majority of its area although it is located behind Terminator. Eclipse window is not refreshed, so Firefox content is still visible inside it.

6) Click on the title bar of Eclipse to bring it on the top: Eclipse window is refreshed and expected content is shown.

This problem is also reproducible with other applications (e.g. Gedit)  in place of Eclipse.