Server settings option to enable port mapping is not correctly checked

Added On: 2016-12-02 Last Modified: 2020-12-21
ID: TR12N07384 Status: Open
Severity: Minor Products:
Target: Platform: All Platforms

The port checkbox is not checked when the server says the port is not mapped. This behaviour is wrong, because the port may be mapped later. The GUI should always report the CFG status (so if the CFG says that the port must be mapped, the checkbox must be checked).

In additon, the port being shown in the GUI can be different to the port mapped by the server, this behaviour is incorrect, as it should be the same. 

When UPnP is enabled, in the client's address welcome page, the IP assigned with that UPnP port should be shown, in this dialog with the welcome page, a new line is added instead of just having the one related to that IP/ port combination.