Supporting earlier versions of NoMachine and NX

Added on: 2017-07-14 Last Modified: 2017-12-14
ID: AR07O00933 Applies To: NoMachine Software

Earlier versions of NoMachine

NoMachine will continue to support a specific version for two years after its release. For example, version 4 was released in September 2013 and its last release was in November 2015. Development on this version ceased at this time other than security bug fixes for customers with valid subscriptions. At the end of 2017, version 4 will no longer be supported. Customers who are still using version 4 should contact us to know what their options are.

Legacy NX software

NoMachine is not supporting or providing updates for NX 3, or earlier, any longer and compatibility with this version ceased with the release of NoMachine 6. Customers with valid subscriptions and who are still using 3.5.0 can contact us to find out what options are available.

NX Derivatives

A number of projects have expressed interest in continuing open-source development of the legacy NX 3 software, among these are FreeNX, NeatX, X2Go, 2X and Xpra. While these projects use software released by NoMachine as open-source, NoMachine did not endorse them in any way nor has any control on the quality or the functionality of the software they distribute. Please be sure you refer to the support facilities of the respective project when using software packages distributed by third parties.