Allow to configure the NoMachine client to always close when a single session disconnects

ID: FR10O03522 Priority: Low
Products: NoMachine Client Target: 6
Status: Implemented  

A single session is a connection started with the '--session' command line option, or by double clicking on an NXS file. When using the command line option '--exit', the NoMachine client terminates as soon as a clean disconnection occurs. On the other hand if the disconnection is caused by an error, the client will stay open to show the error message to the user.

In order to always terminate the client, even in case of errors, the new command line option '--exit-always' will be added to the list of single session parameters.

Description for nxplayer usage:

--session FILENAME [--new-session] [--exit | --exit-always]

  Run a session by reading the configuration settings from FILENAME.
  To always create a new virtual session provide additionally the
  '--new-session' option and ensure that the virtual desktop type or
  settings in case of a custom session have been previously saved in
  the connection file. Specify the '--exit' option to terminate the
  client application when the session is closed, or '--exit-always'
  to terminate without showing the disconnection error dialog.