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Top Coverage

NoMachine's Top Coverage guarantees round-the-clock assistance on a "per-site" basis for businesses which need to efficiently support the critical components of their enterprise IT solutions. By delivering support anytime you need it and however you need it, whether it's by phone, remote access or on-site, Top coverage guarantees unlimited availability from our experienced team of engineers.

What you get
  • 1 year coverage for your NoMachine Server Premium Subscriptions
  • On-site support (*)
  • Remote diagnostic analysis and resolution
  • Phone support 24x7
  • Immediate notification of critical security fixes to NoMachine core components
  • 1 business day response time (1 hour severity "Critical")
  • Unlimited number of Support Enquiries (phone or web based)
  • Access to NoMachine Support Center 24x7
(*) where issue is not resolvable by remote access


How is it charged?

Top Coverage can be associated with NoMachine Enterprise Terminal Server/Cloud Server Premium Subscriptions and any associated NoMachine Nodes (whether virtual desktop or remote desktop nodes).

A set price is chargeable in addition to the NoMachine Enterprise Terminal/Cloud Server and Node Subscriptions at Premium level ensuring companies with large deployments complete coverage of one site.

Some examples:

Top Coverage Cost of
Total Cost
10 x Enterprise Terminal Server Premium Subscription 2 CPU
(up to 20 NX hosts*)
$ 63,994.50 **
$ 54,945
$ 118,939.50
5 x Enterprise Terminal Server Premium Subscription 2 CPU
15 x Terminal Server Prem. Nodes 2 CPU (up to 20 NX hosts*)
$ 63,994.50 **
$ 27,472.50 (server)
$ 14,917.50 (nodes)
$ 106,384.50
10 x Cloud Server Premium Subscription 2 CPU
40 x Terminal Server Premium Nodes 2 CPU (up to 60 NX hosts*)
$ 191,983.50**
$ 54,945 (server)
$ 39,780 (nodes)
$ 286,708.50
* NX host = machine where valid NoMachine server or node subscription is installed.
** The rates indicated do not include travel related expenses.

Before buying, please make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of your support entitlement and check the list of supported applications.