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Copy and paste operations occasionally fail

Copy and paste failure  was reproduced  on Linux with the following setup: - NoMachine client and server both running on Linux, specifically RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 64bit. - Virtual......

Product: NoMachine Client Affects: 5.0

Last update: 2017-03-28 Status: Open

nvidia hardware encoding initialization error

In NoMachine virtual desktops running on GNU/Linux systems with nvidia graphics card hardware (e.g. with Nvidia M60, Maxwell) NVENC does not encode the h264 stream. NVENC doesn't initialize......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 5.0

Last update: 2017-03-27 Status: Open

The special sequence Ctrl+Alt+Delete is not sent to the remote Windows desktop when the user logs-in with AD credentials

The Ctrl+Alt+Delete key combination is not forwarded from the NoMachine client to the NoMachine Windows host when the user logs-in by using Active Directory credentials. This problem, affecting......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 5.2

Last update: 2017-03-22 Status: Open

Files larger than 2GB are corrupted when copied to a Windows disk connected on a Linux host

This problem occurs only when the NoMachine session is connected from Windows to Linux and the local Windows disk is mounted inside this session. When copying a file larger that 2GB from the remote......

Product: NoMachine Device Services Affects: 5.0

Last update: 2017-03-21 Status: Open

File corrupted after copying it when using Devices/Disks

The problem occurs on 5.1.26 and 5.1.9 official versions, but not every time. Steps to reproduce for Windows(client):     1) connect form Windows to Mac OS X     2......

Product: NoMachine Device Services Affects: 5.1

Last update: 2017-03-21 Status: Open

Cannot authenticate with passwords not described in the Windows code page

Users cannot authenticate to the NoMachine server host when their password contains characters that are not included in the Windows code page. For example cyrillic characters like 'пароль'......

Product: NoMachine Client Affects: 5.2

Last update: 2017-03-21 Status: Open

NoMachine server cannot be started when the Windows LSA service is running in protected mode

When the Windows LSA service is running in protected mode, some NoMachine processes like nxserver and other services required by the server to be operative, are prevented from starting. NoMachine......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 5.2

Last update: 2017-03-21 Status: Open

Incorrect fullscreen mode on a secondary screen on OS X 10.9 and later

The fullscreen mode is not working properly on a secondary screen on OS X starting from the Mavericks version. NoMachine Client doesn't hide correctly the menu bar which stays instead visible......

Product: NoMachine Client Affects: 5.2

Last update: 2017-03-20 Status: Open

The virtual desktop suddenly terminates with 'Connection reset by peer' when the output of a large file is piped into xclip

When the output of a large file of about 10000 lines  (about 800 Kb) is piped into xclip with this command: cat Mon|xclip inside a NoMachine virtual desktop, the session suddenly ......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 5.2

Last update: 2017-03-17 Status: Open

Latency occurs when switching focus from locale to the session

In some cases, users experience a 5-10 seconds freeze of the session while switching focus from the local desktop to the NoMachine session. This happens only when the clipboard is populated (the......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 5.2

Last update: 2017-03-17 Status: Open

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