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Cannot authenticate by NX protocol with a private key generated with openSSH 7.8p1-1 or later

SSH key pair generated by openSSH version 7.8p1-1 or later cannot be used for key-based authentication by NX protocol. The same key-pair can be used instead for NoMachine connections by SSH......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 6.4

Last update: 2019-03-26 Status: Open

Settings in the default.nxs connection file are ignored if the file is not specified in the URL

When the following key is set in the server.cfg file: EnableWebPreconfiguration 1 and the <NoMachineInstallationPath>/share/config/default.nxs connection file exists, the expected......

Product: NoMachine Web Player Affects: 6.5

Last update: 2019-03-26 Status: Open

Kerberos ticket is not removed when the session is closed

When the session is terminated, Kerberos tickets are not removed because the NoMachine server is unable to retrieve the username. NoMachine server logs report: 'NXSERVER ERROR! Cannot......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 6.5

Last update: 2019-03-26 Status: Open

Symlinks are not handled correctly by the NoMachine disk service

Symbolic links are created properly inside a disk partition connected via NoMachine, but the status of the operation and the type of link is not reported correctly. As a consequence, applications......

Product: NoMachine Device Services Affects: 6.0

Last update: 2019-03-25 Status: Open

Wrong file permissions might lead to "Connection Refused 111" error

Error "Connection Refused 111" while connecting to session might be caused by wrong "/usr/NX/var/db/unknown" catalog owner (known as "/Library/Application Support/NoMachine......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 6.4

Last update: 2019-03-25 Status: Open

Building NoMachine USB module fails on Linux Kernel v. 5.0

The Linux Kernel v. 5.0 dropped the 'type' argument for the access_ok() function. Compiling the NoMachine nxusb module fails with error: /usr/NX/share/src/nxusb/nxusb-vhci-iocifc.c:638:......

Product: NoMachine Device Services Affects: 6.5

Last update: 2019-03-25 Status: Open

NoMachine app doesn't use whole screen on iPad Pro 11"

The iOS version of NoMachine app is not using whole screen when running on iPad Pro 11", but it rather shows black borders around the user interface....

Product: NoMachine Client Affects: 6.5

Last update: 2019-03-22 Status: Open

'No available sessions' is issued when connecting to NoMachine on Windows 10

This problem has been reproduced on a specific Windows 10 host only and occurs when nobody is logged-in to the desktop. In this case, the system function used by NoMachine to retreive the desktop......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 6

Last update: 2019-03-21 Status: Open

Drag and drop is not supported with Wayland desktops

If the shared screen runs on Wayland, the drag and drop file transfer built in NoMachine does not work. File transfer is possible via the !M menu: click on the !M icon in the system tray of the......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 6.1

Last update: 2019-03-19 Status: Open

In a multi-monitor setup, pixels which are not included in any screen are shown with undefined colors

In multi-monitor setups, it is possible that the composition of multiple real screens is not a rectangle. In this kind of situation, if NoMachine client is set to show all the screens together in......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 6

Last update: 2019-03-19 Status: Open

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