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Desktops running on Wayland cannot be automatically resized to the NoMachine client size

If the remote desktop is running on Wayland, resizing the NoMachine client window or the browser will not make the remote desktop to resize accordingly. Changing the resolution in the NoMachine......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 6.1

Last update: 2019-06-20 Status: Open

Sharing of multiple monitors is not supported with Wayland desktops

A desktop running on Wayland cannot be shared if it lies over multiple monitors....

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 6.1

Last update: 2019-06-20 Status: Open

NoMachine client on Windows suddenly terminates when selecting a large text in Vim 8.1

NoMachine client on Windows suddenly terminates while selecting a large amount of text in Vim for copying it. This problem occurs only with Vim version 8.1 and not with previous versions. To......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 6

Last update: 2019-06-20 Status: Open

Lag in displaying cursor events when a Wacom tablet is connected as NoMachine USB device

This problem has been encountered when connecting a Wacom Cintiq 13HD tablet as NoMachine USB device inside the session but it could affect also other LCD graphic tablets. When moving the pen......

Product: NoMachine Device Services Affects: 6.2

Last update: 2019-06-19 Status: Open

Cannot launch system applications in virtual desktop sessions on Fedora 26 with Wayland

Launching some applications (e.g. Gnome-terminal or Nautilus) is not possible in NoMachine virtual sessions created by the same user who is  the physical desktop's owner. This problem......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 5.3

Last update: 2019-06-14 Status: Open

Audio stutters during NoMachine session

Regardless of the connection speed and the available hardware, during the NoMachine session user can hear micro-stuttering of the audio stream in the form of peaks. Attempting to relieve the......

Product: NoMachine Device Services Affects: 6.0

Last update: 2019-06-14 Status: Open

Black screen occurs when connecting to headless Linux hosts

When users connect to the physical desktop of a Linux headless host, a black screen is displayed in the NoMachine session. This happens when the X server is up and running but the Linux machine......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 6.7

Last update: 2019-06-14 Status: Open

Reconnecting to session stuck during connection

In rare circumstances when terminating a hanging connection to set up a new connection, new session and each subsequent connection is stuck in the "spinning wheel" screen.   This......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 6.0

Last update: 2019-06-14 Status: Open

Automatic selection of number of threads doesn't work correctly

The automatic selection of number of threads doesn't work properly and may lead to slowness or artifacts when the number of threads is higher than eight. As a workaround, edit the node......

Product: NoMachine Server Affects: 6

Last update: 2019-06-13 Status: Open

Error in Event Viewer after reboot of Windows 10

After reboot of Windows 10 there's an error in Event Viewer: The NoMachine Device Server service did not shut down properly after receiving a preshutdown control. Log Name: System Source:......

Product: NoMachine Device Services Affects: 6.5

Last update: 2019-06-12 Status: Open

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