Version 3 Products

Legacy NoMachine Version 3 Software

Please note that version 3 of the software has been completely replaced by version 4 and 5. NoMachine is not supporting or providing updates for version 3 any longer, except for security fixes to registered customers, according to their subscription plan. If you are a registered customer, you can always download the version you purchased, including software based on version 3, after logging-in in the customer area.

Note also that a number of projects have expressed interest in continuing open-source development of the old version, among these are FreeNX, NeatX, X2Go, 2X and Xpra. While these projects use software released by NoMachine as open-source, NoMachine did not endorse them in any way nor has any control on the quality or the functionality of the software they distribute. Please be sure you refer to the support facilities of the respective project when using NoMachine software distributed by third parties.