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NoMachine Expands Remote Access Product Suite and Adds New Remote Support Capabilities
Cloud Server family extended to satisfy remote access requirements of any business. New administration tool makes remote desktop management easier than ever before. Guest desktop sharing enhances remote collaboration and support scenarios.
2022-09-27 by: Sarah Dryell

Luxembourg, September 27th, 2022 - NoMachine, a leader in cross-platform remote computing solutions, has optimized its enterprise offering to include new Cloud Server products for centralized remote access and a robust new feature set, empowering employees to work from anywhere, and enabling IT to remotely access, support and manage remote computers.

NoMachine 8, unveiled earlier this month, meets the multi-faceted remote access needs of users and IT administrators alike. Building on its Cloud Server product for centralized remote access and management, NoMachine offers a new Cloud Server Family with a redesigned navigation interface for administrators of Cloud Server environments, enabling them to create, monitor and manage multi-levels of hosted desktops and server infrastructures from a single pane of glass. Additionally, enterprises benefit from the new Server Admin tool for remote administration, integrated in all NoMachine Enterprise products.

This latest major milestone also introduces the new Guest Desktop Sharing and Visitor Desktop Sharing functionalities, features that make giving or receiving support remotely between NoMachine users much easier. Guest and visitor users can connect to an attended remote desktop without a needing an account on the computer, where the desktop owner can decide on-the-fly whether to share the desktop in interactive or view-only mode.

Cloud Server for any enterprise remote access scenario
The Cloud Server suite, for centralized remote access, has been expanded to satisfy all the remote access requirements of any business and is tailored to suit the flexible working needs of small units and large user groups. By leveraging Cloud Server products it’s possible to connect remote users to resources residing on the corporate network, providing access to any workstation.

Small Business Cloud Server - centralized access for up to 10 users to NoMachine-enabled desktops.
Cloud Server - permits access for up to 20 users to NoMachine-enabled desktops.
Enterprise Cloud Server - tunnels unlimited connections to NoMachine Windows, macOS or Linux nodes as well as foreign Unix hosts.
Enterprise Cloud Server Cluster - a powerful, resilient gateway to your entire desktop and server infrastructure by providing automatic failover in the case of a server outage.

Redesigned navigation interface for remote access management
A completely revamped Cloud Server navigation interface available across the Cloud Server portfolio empowers administrators to easily create, monitor and manage multi-levels of hosted desktop nodes and server infrastructures. This smart and intuitive interface ensures easier adding and configuration of nodes, a clear overview of your infrastructure and monitoring of NoMachine nodes and statistics. Additionally, the brand new inverse connection mode for activating connections from the node to the target Cloud Server, which is useful for when a desktop node’s IP address changes often or the Cloud Server is in a DMZ.

Complete server administration
Get direct access to NoMachine servers in a snap via the new Server admin tool. Administrators get point-and-click access to remote servers directly from any NoMachine Player to carry out administration tasks such as configuration of the NoMachine server and license management.

Guest desktop sharing
Guest desktop sharing
is a brand new and intuitive feature of NoMachine 8 which permits users the possibility to share their desktop with others without having to disclose their system credentials. It’s a fast way to start a desktop sharing session for remote collaboration or remote support purposes and is available across the entire NoMachine product suite: Enterprise as well as the Free Edition.

Visitor desktop sharing

Visitor desktop sharing
, exclusive to Cloud Server products, is carefully designed for collaboration in the workgroup with security in mind. Visitor users are just like guest users, with all their flexibility and security, but when coming from a Cloud Server, the user accepting them will know "who they are". Users who login with a system account to a Cloud Server will be known to any nodes with visitor desktop sharing enabled, so that the account with which they logged in to the Cloud Server will be displayed, for additional security.

“We continue to innovate by listening to the people who matter: our customers. Customer feedback factors greatly into our product planning. Thanks to the multiple channels we have open with the NoMachine community through which we gather important feedback, we have been able to focus on specific areas of development and innovation in version 8. Firstly, giving them the best user experience ever, secondly delivering features that extend NoMachine’s reach to cover new use cases, and thirdly, offering new products that further consolidate our position in the enterprise remote desktop and access industry", said Gaspare Tripi, General Manager of NoMachine.

About Cloud Server

The Cloud Server family is your secure resilient gateway to hosted desktops and server-based resources. It provides users with a centralized point of access to Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix workstations scattered across corporate networks whilst letting administrators create, manage and monitor the most extensive of NoMachine infrastructures from a single pane of glass.

About Enterprise Desktop

Enterprise Desktop offers unparalleled performance for mobile workers and support staff alike, letting them securely access their desktop over any network. With a rich-set of features such as extended device redirection, video and audio streaming and file-sharing users can work just as well out of the office as they do in.

About Terminal Server

Provides users with their own personal Linux workspace. Admins can create hundreds of hosted Linux desktops, easy to manage and secure on single standalone servers or in cluster. Capable of leveraging the accelerated capabilities of modern graphics cards, users are empowered to access high-end graphical applications, including those Linux desktop environments which rely heavily on OpenGL.

About NoMachine

NoMachine, creator of the reputable NX Linux Terminal Server System, is a game-changer in the remote computing arena, offering an intuitive remote access and desktop sharing solution with multimedia support, device redirection, session recording and playback, file-transfer, bidirectional printing and much more. For more information visit